Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Visions of the future, visions of the past...
September 2081? Or September 1861? Or December 1880?

Stepping through the portal, the posse found themselves within the Hunting Grounds. However, the strange twisting of reality common to the spirit world resulted in the posse seeing visions of a potential future, and their very real past.

Locations Visited
The Hunting Grounds

Important NPC’s
The Watcher in the Darkness
President Andrew Bates
Sir Montague Bertram Ignatius Farlington

Important Events
• Immediately after stepping through the portal, the posse found themselves in a blasted wasteland near a strange auto-gyro. A dying Southern soldier identified himself as Francis Martin Teller, and explained it was the year 2081. The soldiers with him had intended to raid a nearby bunker to prevent devices called “Ghost Rock Nukes” being launched. Unable to locate Jordrava, the posse decided to try and complete the soldier’s mission. Assaulting the base, the posse came under fire from an undead soldier who had replaced most of his body with metallic parts. Through the use of dynamite and heavy weaponry, the posse succeeded in downing the soldier, but not before Jeb had died. The posse continued further into the complex, but further attacks left only Sonny standing. He managed to reach the control centre where he encountered the President, Andrew “A-Bomb Andy” Bates, who revealed himself to be one of the same race of shapechangers who had replaced President Jefferson Davis in the past. Sonny managed to defeat the creature but was unable to prevent the Ghost Rock Nukes from launching, starting a global war.

• As nuclear fire consumed the bunker, the posse awoke to find themselves in a desert, uninjured by their visions of the future. A short distance away they found a small town and learned they were having trouble with a group of bandits. The posse drew plans to fortify the town, and organised the townsfolk to form a militia and awaited the bandit’s arrival. Their plans were successful, but the scene quickly shifted to that of the town of Osceola, and the posse realised they were fighting alongside the Kansas Redlegs slaughtering the townsfolk. Walks-in-Two-Worlds and Sonny both encountered the spirits of their loved ones; Don McCoy forgave his adopted son for killing him, and encouraged him not to seek revenge on those who had wronged him; Sonny’s wife Sally revealed that they had a daughter named Alice who may have survived the massacre of Osceola. Walks-in-Two-Worlds also encountered a spirit raven called Askuwheteau, the Watcher in the Darkness, who explained he was his Guardian Spirit. He agreed to lead the posse to Jordrava and provided advice to help them navigate through the Hunting Grounds.

• In their search for Jordrava, the posse arrived at the Cathedral of Pines, a sacred location within the Hunting Grounds able to show someone their past or future. Each member of the posse looked into the pool at the centre of the grove of trees and saw a vision:
Martha: A vision of the Confederate camp the night before Gettysburg. Martha encountered Nate, embraced her husband and they enjoyed each other’s company one last time. However, Mr Smith’s blackened eyes and altered shadow revealed him to be some demonic creature. Mrs Smith indicated this event had happened, if not with a demonic Nate, and she had later found herself with child.
Sonny: There was a brief vision of a saloon before the pool clouded with darkness.
Jeb: A vision of the man who raised him, The Bear, and a group of hooded men chanting in a strange language. It appeared as the robed men were initiating The Bear into their group.
Walks-in-Two-Worlds: A vision of Don McCoy fighting the Kansas Redlegs. One of the dead soldiers rose from the grave, possessed by the Eternal Warrior. He claimed that Walks-in-Two-Worlds was his, and that no one would love him like his mother. Before the vision could end, the Eternal Warrior looked directly at Walks-in-Two-Worlds and screamed that this was not how it was supposed to be and began smashing everything in the room. It was speculated that this referred to Walks-in-Two-World’s training to become a shaman.
Doc Peabody: A vision of the Doc holding a man to a table with tremendous strength. He pulled out a scalpel and began cutting off the other man’s face before placing it over his own, while someone from outside the room beat on the door. Doc Peabody confirmed the room looked like the asylum he had spent time at.

• After a brief encounter with a sentient bridge called Sir Montague Bertram Ignatius Farlington, the posse found Jordrava trapped by a Greater Manitou called Hex. Sonny engaged Hex in a magical battle while the rest of the posse rescued Jordrava and fought off smaller manitou. With Hex defeated, Jordrava was able to regain his strength and explained that the posse needed to find his medicine rock and tomahawk if they hoped to defeat the threats to the Sioux Nations. He also explained that killing Raven would not end the threat, he advised it would be better to undo his evil works and break the relationshi0p between him and War. Healing the posse’s wounds, Jordrava opened a portal allowing them to return home.

Based on ‘Vision Quest’ from The Last Sons published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

Assault on Devil's Tower
December 1880

Following a vision of Jordrava being in trouble at Devil’s Tower, the posse arranged transport there via an autogyro. Avoiding a large skirmish below, the posse landed on the flattened top of the mountain, and proceeded to explore the caverns within.

Locations Visited
Deadwood, South Dakota
Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

Important NPC’s
Wild Bill Hickok
Arthur Dingler
Dr Victor Horsley

Important Events
• Following Wild Bill’s assault on the Gem, he paid the posse another visit, demanding restitution for them drawing weapons against him. He decided to allow them to live, as they had helped him find McCall, but took the majority of their ammunition with him. During the conversation, Bill mentioned he was searching for his twin Colt Navy pistols, missing since his return from the grave. The posse searched the ruins of the Gem, thinking Swearengen may have taken the guns, but found a single Colt Peacemaker instead. Sonny identified the gun as being a relic and theorised that this may have been McCall’s gun used to kill Bill.
• Within Devil’s Tower, the posse encountered the remnants of an unknown civilization. However, it was clear that whoever had lived there had been wiped out by an invading force. In one of the deeper caverns, the posse encountered a group of Union soldiers holding a bridge that led further into the mountain. Despite setting off multiple traps, the posse were able to defeat the soldiers and continued their exploration. Past the bridge, the posse found a series of laboratories and operating theatres where horrible experiments were being carried out. A pair of doctors, in the middle of removing a man’s brain to put in a glass cylinder, attacked the posse utilizing bizarre ghost-rock steel implants and weaponry. During the fight Doc Peabody appeared to have a seizure, repeating the name Dr Reynolds over and over. He later revealed that he had spent some time in an asylum where a Pinkerton affiliate, one Dr Reynolds had experimented on him. Both Dr Reynolds and one of the doctors in the laboratory had highly unusual violet eyes.
• Pushing deeper into the Tower past alien horrors, the posse eventually found the remains of a large glass dome holding what appeared to be a tear in reality. A pair of insectoid creatures were examining the portal but the posse were able to kill them allowing further investigation. An image of Jordrava appeared before the group, and slowly retreated through the portal. With no other options open to them, the posse stepped through after the shaman.

Based on ‘In the Fortress O’ Fright’ from The Last Sons published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

Ol' Bill ain't hisself these days...
December 1880

Returning to Deadwood, the posse began preparing for what promised to be a harsh winter. Custer’s army began rationing food, and confiscating bullets, making the conditions even harsher. The posse found that there were plenty of strange goings on in Deadwood.

Locations Visited
Deadwood, South Dakota

Important NPC’s
Al Swearengen
Detective Speakman
Detective West
Calamity Jane
Jack McCall
The Butcher
Wild Bill Hickok

Important Events

  • Returning to Deadwood, the posse saw a Chinese man gunned down by automatic fire. The person responsible had been wounded in the fight, but they were unable to track him further than the railway ticket office. Of more immediate interest, the Chinese man was holding an encrypted Pinkerton file, and they found a large box of similar files at the railway station addressed to the Pinkerton’s Chicago office, but the label was 9 years old. Mrs Smith was able to determine that the documents were more recent than 9 years old, and that the Chicago office would not have been sent these files as they related to supernatural incidents. She explained that the Chicago branch only dealt with mundane investigations. The posse eventually tracked the wounded man to a saloon called The Slaughter House. However, in the basement they found a crude operating theatre, where the man had been using the Butcher’s Scalpel to create his horrible abominations. Remembering how their last fight went, the posse disarmed the Butcher and delivered a killing blow with his Scalpel. Searching the basement, the posse found Pinkerton credentials and more encoded files, some of which were hand written. These files identified the man as Detective Speakman, a researcher from the SRF in Denver, and indicated he was waiting for a man called West to arrive to perform some sort of experiment. Mrs Smith realised the files were copies of Pinkerton’s files on the posse that had gone missing several months earlier. The presence of the Butcher’s Scalpel and these files indicated Speakman, or whoever he was associated with, had some interest in the posse.
  • Asking around, the posse were unable to locate Detective West, but did learn that several bodies had gone missing from the graveyard. Realising there could be a connection to the Butcher’s patchwork creatures, the posse began investigating the disappearances. The posse learned that the bodies had started disappearing a few weeks earlier, and decided to visit the graveyard where they met Calamity Jane, who warned them that Wild Bill Hickok had returned from the dead, and was out for vengeance. The posse met Wild Bill later that night and he offered to tell the posse who was responsible if they could find Jack McCall for him. Sonny and Charles tracked McCall to an Opium Den in town and passed this information on to Wild Bill. In return, Wild Bill indicated a house near the graveyard where the body snatchers were. Entering the house, the posse found reanimated dead displaying speed and abilities far greater that the walking dead they had encountered previously. The posse defeated West and his undead creatures, but did not find any further information as to the two Pinkerton’s plans.
  • Before they could celebrate this victory, a ghostly Union Blue train, the Union Pride, steamed into the train station, and dozens of ghostly Confederate soldiers swarmed out, cutting down all they could find. Sonny was able to kill the leader of the ghosts by destroying a fragment of ghost rock imbedded in his chest, destroying the rest of the ghostly army.
  • The posse later learned that the opium den that McCall was staying in was destroyed during the attack, and everyone present killed. The posse were able to confirm that the person responsible was not the ghosts however. Wild Bill paid the posse another visit, and explained that McCall had not been present at the Opium Den. They succeeded in tracking McCall to the Gem Saloon, and went to tell Hickok. However, when he arrived, he set fire to the saloon, and began killing everyone present. The posse tried to put down Hickok, but he proved too powerful, and they were forced to hand over McCall. Bill touched McCall’s head, almost as if he was able to read his mind, and then entered the burning building. Moments later, the dead body of Al Swearengen was thrown from the upper floor window, and the posse assumed that he had order McCall to kill Hickok. Wild Bill did not emerge from the Gem, but he had already displayed the ability to become ghost like so it is likely he was able to escape.

Based on ’Hickok’s Revenge’, ‘Somethin’ About Some Files’, ‘Slaughterhouse Special’ and ‘The Union Pride’ Savage Tales from from The Last Sons published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

Dancing with Ghosts
December 1880

On their way back to Denver, the posse encountered two wounded Indians, who explained they had been attacked by Ravenites. The posse were able to sneak up and kill the Ravenites, allowing the rest of the tribe to escape. Introducing themselves to the tribe, the posse learned that their shaman was actually Wovoka, who Walks-in-Two-Worlds had been told to seek out. That night in the middle of a raging storm, Walks had a dream about the birth of the white calf, and realised that the prophecy referred to him. The group split up, with Walks remaining with the Indians to tell the other tribes about his dream, and the rest of the posse returning to Denver for a short visit before regrouping in Deadwood.

Locations Visited
Deadwood, South Dakota
Denver, Colorado
Dusky Jewel, South Dakota

Important NPC’s
Charlie Bull (Bull all the Time)
Sitting Bull
Sky Hawk
Wallace Blunt

Important Events

  • Wovoka explained to the group how Raven had caused the Reckoning by killing the Old Ones, ancient Indians who had given up their lives in the mortal world to seal off the Hunting Grounds. Raven was now in charge of the Ravenites, but Wovoka believed he used stand-ins to allow him to appear in multiple places at once.
  • Walks-in-Two-Worlds accompanied Wovoka to the Gathering of the Tribes. His claims of being the White Calf were met with scepticism by Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, as Walks did not follow the Old Ways. Walks decided to embrace his culture, and began training to become a Shaman, and Wovoka assured him that taking up the Old Ways would not be requirement.
  • In Denver, the rest of the posse learned that General Custer had left his camp on the edge of the Sioux Nations, and had moved to fortify Deadwood. They also learned that Custer no longer had the support of the U.S. Government. They decided to head straight to Deadwood in an attempt to beat the army to the town.
  • The posse reunited in Deadwood, and Walks explained that they needed to convince a local member of the Ghost Dance, Charlie Bull, that they could help the movement. Charlie explained they could help him by finding his friend, Wallace Blunt, who was overdue returning to town. Charlie indicated that Blunt may know something about a deal between Iron Dragon and the Ravenites. Investigating Blunt’s claim, the posse encountered a drunk who indicated that Blunt had gone in search of a hidden mining town nearby. The posse were able to follow Blunt’s tracks to a fortified town called Dusky Jewel, where Iron Dragon were shipping ghost rock out of the Sioux Nations illegally. Sonny was able to sneak into the town, and found Blunt’s body hanging from a gallows. Fortunately he was able to find Blunt’s journal tucked into his jacket, which indicated a meeting between a group of Indians and Iron Dragon had taken place near Devil’s Tower.

Based on ‘The White Calf’ from The Last Sons published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

November 1880

Having arrived at the Bighorn Basin, Sutter began the process of setting up his new ranch. Things didn’t start well however, with the posse having to deal with local rivals, a rogue mad scientist, and a return of an old foe.

Locations Visited
Bighorn Basin, Wyoming
Dirtwater, Wyoming

Important NPC’s
Bill Sutter
Black Dog
Randolph Logan
Marshal Rory Tate
Barnabus Morley
Li Zhin

Important Events
• Sutter headed out to survey his land but failed to return as expected. The posse managed to track Sutter down, who had been attacked by someone he thought was Black Dog. Charles noticed evidence of the pox on Sutter’s arms, and suggested that he quarantine himself until the posse could find and kill Black Dog. As time passed, more and more ranchers became ill, with some even dying from the pox. An encounter with Black Dog allowed the posse to realise he was able to disappear from sight, and they sought help from Anton, a practitioner of voodoo, who agreed to help in exchange for help retrieving a mad scientist by the name of Barnabus Morley from the Northern Star Ranch. Anton led the posse to a cave a few miles from the ranch. Inside was filled with pus-like slime, and seemed to travel deeper into the earth than would be possible. There they found and killed Black Dog, retrieving his corpse and burning it outside the cave. It is unclear if this is truly the end of Black Dog, having survived death before, but those suffering from the pox did begin to recover after this.
• The posse had a number of encounters with strangely mutated animals. During a patrol, the posse discovered a pack of ravenous wolves. Upon closer inspection, they were found to be larger than normal breeds, and had scales in amongst their fur. Some of the other ranchers encountered a large cow feasting upon another of its herd. The ranchers killed the creature, and found it had similar scales to the wolves. During the attack on the Northern Star Ranch, a large undead bull was found with some sort of control device attached to its head. Whatever it was malfunctioned, resulting in the bull killing Barnabus Morley before Walks in Two Worlds was able to destroy the control device. More of the small cannibal cows were found on the ranch, implying Morley was responsible for the strange creatures plaguing the region.
• Representatives of the nearby Northern Star Ranch, led by its owner Randolph Logan, approached the Lazy S Ranch and claimed that they owned all the land. They continued to cause problems for the posse. Randolph Logan, the owner of the Northern Star, gave an ultimatum to the Lazy S ranchers, indicating they should leave his land or suffer the consequences. The posse visited the local land office, and ensured they had registered their claim to the land in case of any attempts to take it off them. The Northern Star Ranch approached the town Marshal, Rory Tate, claiming the Lazy S had stolen cattle from them. Tate was unable to find any evidence of this at the ranch and, when the posse explain they too had been losing cattle, Tate headed back to ask more questions of the Northern Star ranchers.
• Realising the Northern Star ranch was too heavily guarded to allow a small group any measure of success, the posse decided to approach the men working on the Iron Dragon railroad to see if they would hire on for this course of action. The posse spoke with Li Zhin, the person in charge of the rail workers. He initially refused to help, claiming that Northern Star has sold the land occupied by the Lazy S to him. The posse returned to the land office to retrieve evidence of their claim, but found thugs working for the Northern Star attempting to burn the office down. Defeating these thugs, the posse returned to Li Zhin with the evidence and he immediately commanded his workers to drop tools, and march on the Northern Star.
• In the aftermath of the battle, the Northern Star Ranch was destroyed, and Sutter negotiated terms with Iron Dragon to pass through his land peacefully. With their job done, the group began their journey back to Denver.

Based on ‘Range Wars’ published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

Keep them doggies rollin'...
September/October 1880

Arriving in Denver, Bill Sutter found that the price of beef here was little more than what Bayou Vermillion had offered. Instead of selling, Sutter purchased a land grant in Wyoming and decided to start a new ranch there. Still under orders from Keeley to aid Sutter, the posse agreed to accompany him.

Locations Visited
Denver, Colorado
Bighorn Basin, Wyoming
Fort Desperation, Wyoming

Important NPC’s
Bill Sutter
Jurgen Emmerich
Crazy Horse
Black Dog
Eliza Crawford

Important Events
• Sutter purchased another herd of cattle from a local rancher and brought both herds along with him. However, some of the cows purchased in Denver were infected with Prairie Ticks. Fortunately, the posse were on hand to deal with the infestation.
• Eliza alerted Sonny to one of the cowpokes who joined the company at Denver called Jay. Jay had been asking a lot of questions about their experiences on the trail. Sonny was unable to detect anything suspicious in his initial conversations with Jay; however, Jay mysteriously disappeared during the journey to Wyoming so it is unsure if Eliza was right about him.
• The posse were approached by Jurgen Emmerich, a representative of Wasatch Railroad, who questioned the group on the whereabouts of the diagram found on the fake confederate soldier near Roswell. Offered a reward for its return, the posse handed over the diagram, but Emmerich discarded it as a fake. When the posse were unable to provide anything else, Emmerich left. He returned a few days later, and offered an even larger sum of money for the real diagram. Still unable to produce anything other than what they found, Emmerich left empty handed. He returned a third time, but this time brought a force of Wasatch enforcers with him. The posse emerged victorious, but not before having to stop an armoured steam wagon, rocket pack wearing soldiers, a bomb-lobbing auto-gyro, and a gigantic mechanical man.
• In an attempt to avoid crossing the mountains, the Lazy S Herd took a shortcut through Sioux Nations territory. However, they were soon discovered by Native American patrols, who led the group to an abandoned fort on the border. There they found a group of settlers who had also been brought there by the Sioux; it soon became apparent that some of this new group were infected with small pox, and it wasn’t long before member of the Lazy S crew began to show signs of infection. To make matters worse, the Sioux would not let anyone leave the area, killing anyone who strayed too far from the fort.
• Realising that the pox was spreading far too fast to be normal, the posse began searching for clues as to its source. They soon discovered that one of the first people to die of the pox had returned as a walking dead; no sooner had they dealt with this, another of the deceased attacked, but this one had risen as a pox vampire.
• Having defeated the vampire, the posse were approached by Crazy Horse. He explained that he had come to defeat a great evil at the fort, but the evil had already left. He then agreed to let everyone at the fort to leave safely, mentioning that the spirit of Walks-in-Two-World’s mother, Singing Bluebird, had asked him to allow the posse to live. Crazy Horse confronted Walks-in-Two Worlds and indicated that he would need to give up “white-man weapons” if he was to defeat the enemies to come. He also revealed that his people had caught Black Dog stalking the posse, and promptly killed him by dragging him behind his horse. The posse left Black Dog in the fort, making sure to set fire to the building and the body before leaving.
• One final obstacle lay between the posse and the Bighorn Basin, a battle between Wasatch and Iron Dragon troops. However, it soon became apparent that both sides were ghosts, endlessly re-enacting the battle that claimed their lives. The posse worked out that destroying the trestle bridge they were fighting over would allow the ghosts to move on to the afterlife, and Charles managed to blow them up using dynamite.

Based on ‘High Plains Drovers’ published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'...
September 1880

Approached by representatives of Senator Keeley, the posse accepted a job working with the Lazy S Cattle Company. The owner of the cattle company and a friend of Keeley, Bill Sutter, explained that Bayou Vermillion were attempting to force him to sell his cattle cheap; instead he planned to take the herd to Denver where the prices would be higher, and he needed a few experienced trail riders to help keep the cows from wandering off on the long journey. The journey took several weeks, with the posse encountering several threats in that time, but they eventually arrived in Denver with the herd mostly all accounted for.

Locations Visited
Denver, Colorado
Dog Leg, Colorado
Roswell, New Mexico
Sutter Flats, Texas

Important NPC’s
Bartholomew Phelps
Bill Sutter
Black Dog
Dalton Wilcot
Luke Canton
Sasha Daly
Socrates Gault
Virgil Earp

Important Events
• Senator Keeley’s representatives decided to join up with the posse; Mrs Martha Smith, a Pinkerton and wife to Doc. Smith, and Charles Pearson, a practitioner of the New Science.
• Bayou Vermillion representatives, led by Bartholomew Phelps, attempted to negotiate with Bill Sutter for the sale of his cattle. However, the price was far too low, and Bill sent them back empty handed. The posse noticed a Comanche Indian as part of the group, and Bill explained that he was Black Dog, a raider he had history with.
• While gathering supplies for the journey, the posse encountered Bartholomew again. This time, with the numbers in his favour, he threatened the posse and attempted to bully Charles into a duel; however, Charles refused resulting in Bartholomew attempting to kill him. Fortunately for Charles, the rest of the posse were able to kill Bartholomew’s gang before he suffered any serious injury. Black Dog was not amongst those killed.
• Passing close to Roswell, the posse noticed what appeared to be a falling star. However, upon closer inspection it was found to be a Confederate soldier wearing an experimental jet pack. Even closer inspection revealed the soldier’s trousers to be made to look like those of a Confederate soldier, and that he had a hastily scrawled diagram in his pocket of a mechanical-man and the posse believed him to be a spy. Real Confederate soldiers arrived, armed with high-powered rifles and experimental ammo but proved unable to kill the posse.
• Arriving in Colorado, the posse discovered a homestead where the owner had been killed by being tied up in a sack, and suspended above a fire. It was believed that Black Dog was responsible as this method of killing someone was used by Comanche Indians.
• After two members of Bill’s crew failed to return from a supply run, the posse were sent to the town of Dog Leg to look for them. There, they found Bill’s men had fallen foul of the local law, and had to wait two days for the marshal to release them. During this time, the posse had to deal with several threats:
• A pair of Night Ravens were feeding on the dreams of the townsfolk, and the posse found themselves unable to sleep without facing their worst nightmares. The posse managed to kill these creatures, freeing the town from their influence
• Members of a local gang were stealing silver ore from the local mine while the miners slept. The posse managed to kill the ten bandits working the mine, but their leader, Socrates Gault, was not present.
• On their final morning in Dog Leg, the posse were attacked by a large group of Indians who attempted to burn down the saloon. The posse identified the group as being Comanche, and once again suspected Black Dog’s involvement
• Upon returning to the Lazy S Herd, the posse were informed by Luke Canton and Sasha Daly that Socrates Gault’s gang had attacked them, taking Bill, key member of his crew, and most of the cows. The posse managed to sneak into Gault’s camp, freed the prisoners, and orchestrated a stampede that succeeded killing all of Gault’s men. While it was known that Gault was in the camp at the time, it was impossible to determine if he had died in the stampede or not.

Based on ‘Bad Times on the Goodnight’ published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

A New Beginning
Late August 1880

In the apocalyptic aftermath of the Flood, the surviving members of the posse regroup in what remains of the town of Perdition. Jebediah and Walks-in-Two-Worlds were apparently saved by Jordrava, whilst Sonny has a vague memory of using the strange device given to him by Big Ears Tam to escape the waves. With no money, equipment or weapons the group seek out employment with Senator Keeley and his large group of Pinkertons that have arrived in Perdition. The Senator sets them up with Hattie Wagner of Hellstromme Industries to act as temporary Mayor, Marshal and Deputy until the elections for permanent positions can take place. They officiated over a race between Granville Kurtz (son of Masheck Kurtz, owner of Kurtz Rail and Shipping) and Luke Watson, owner of the telegraph office. After a hard fought campaign of many dirty tricks, Watson is elected the next lawful Mayor but was critically wounded during his acceptance speech.

Locations Visited
Perdition, California
Ore Collection Station 37, Perdition

Important NPC’s
Senator Keeley
Sister Judith Prosperi
Masheck Kurtz
Luke Watson

Important Events
• The original shanty town outside of Lost Angels was known as Ghost Town and was burnt to the ground during the Battle of Lost Angels (two Project Ghostfire bombs landed on Hellstrommes enemies, effectively ending the fight, whilst the third was off target and slammed into Ghost Town). Out of the ashes rose a second shanty town, dubbed Perdition. The havoc caused by the Flood has demolished the majority of Perdition, although re-building efforts have begun.
• Prior to reuniting with the posse, Sonny came to in the Fallen Angel Saloon, before being bought several drinks by a bounty hunter named Joe. He was apparently on the trail of a group of cold-blooded killers, but would not name them. However, on leaving he identified Morricone by name and claimed that his time was approaching fast.
• Jordrava explained that the spirits had spoken of the birth of a White Buffalo Calf, a sign that great events are about to unfold and Walks-in-Two-Worlds should seek out Wovoka and his Ghost Dance movement in the Sioux Nations when the time was right. Walks-in-Two-Worlds stated that some believe that the birth of the white Calf is the start of a prophecy that will drive the White man out of the Black Hills forever.
• Walks-in-Two-Worlds was challenged to a duel in the streets of Perdition by a crazed, wild-haired Union soldier, in a battered sergeants uniform. Walks-in-Two-Worlds was victorious, but not before being identified as Colt McCoy and accused of being a killer of women and a coward.
• The posse foiled a plot to hijack a train, jam the accelerator on and send it crashing into Ore Collection Station 37 (owned by Hellstromme Industries). Jebediah was informed of the plot by Sister Judith Prosperi.
• Sister Judith Prosperi, the ‘Angel of Mercy’, was a member of the Church of Lost Angels who survived the Flood by virtue of being out on the eastern edge of Perdition, tending to the sick. Rumour has it that when she saw the great city destroyed she wept and where her tears fell the ground split open and a fresh water river sprang forth, so the faithful could drink their fill. Truly Sister Judith has been touched by the hand of the Almighty! Praise Jesus! Later revealed to be one of Senator Keeleys agents.
• Annie Carlisle, Benjamin Wingrove Cooke and Dr Nathaniel Smith are all missing after the Flood and are assumed to have been killed during those tragic events.

Based on ‘Bullets and Ballots’ from The Flood published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

The Flood
23rd August 1880

With their confrontation with Grimme fast approaching, the posse began making their plans to enter the City of Lost Angels. Lacy O’Malley arranged transport into the city with a group of smugglers and the posse made their way to the cathedral at dawn. Benjamin began the ritual taught to the group by Born-in-a-Bowl, but Grimme and his inner circle arrived and began attacking the group. The posse were able to kill all 13 of the Inner Circle but none of their attacks could harm Grimme. However, before Grimme was able to kill the entire posse, a tsunami hit the city, smashing Grimme to death and apparently killing everyone in the city, the posse included.

Locations Visited
The City of Lost Angels, California
*Important NPC’s

Reverend Grimme

Important Events
• The posse were concerned about how their actions would kill everyone living in the city. It was eventually decided that they needed to go ahead with the plan as no other plan would allow Grimme and all inner circle to be all together and evacuating the city would be noticed. Unknown to the rest of the group, Benjamin had cashed in his family’s fortunes to provide life preserver gadgets from Smith and Robards for as many people in Lost Angels as possible. With the tsunami smahing through the city it is unclear if Benjamin’s plan was successful in saving any lives but at least they have more of a chance now than they had.
• Lacy explained that Grimme had formed a coalition with Hellstrome following his victory in the Great Rail Wars. As part of their agreement, Hellstrome had built a wall encompassing the landward side of the city, preventing the posse from sneaking in from this direction. Fortunately, Lacy had several contacts with smugglers in the area and was able to arrange passage for the posse this way.
• During the fight with Grimme, both Benjamin and Doc Smith were killed before the ritual could come to fruition. The fate of the rest of the posse is unknown but they are presumed dead following the tsunami.

Based on ‘The Flood’ from The Flood published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

I'm Famished
Early August 1880

On their way back to New Hope, the posse discovered a group of dead men at the side of the road. Their bodies were mummified despite displaying evidence of being alive no more than 4 days earlier. Additionally, all of their food had vanished, including food within sealed tin cans. Paperwork found at the scene confirmed the men were transporting food from Watkin’s Field to Dry Water Creek. Investigating the source of the food, Winchester’s Export Depot, the posse discovered an underground storage area and were attacked by the creatures capable of causing great hunger in their victims. The fight alerted the guards and the posse were forced to partially destroy the warehouse with dynamite to escape.

Locations Visited
Watkin’s Field, California

Important NPC’s
Jebidiah Winchester

Important Events
• With the destruction of the warehouse, the posse were unable to continue their investigation and notified the Pinkertons of Winchester’s possible involvement. It was theorised that one of the famine creatures had escaped and was responsible for the deaths of the delivery men. A search of the area around Dry Water Creek was arranged for a future date.

Based on ‘Food for Thought’ from Saddle Sore published by Pinnacle Entertainment.


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