Something Wicked This Way Comes...

A History Lesson

April 1879

Leaving Coffin Rock behind, the posse and Adam Rothschild arrived in Denver and began attempts to piece together the events of the last 16 years. Adam introduced the posse to Jacob Keeley, a U.S. Senator, who was able to shed some light on the location of Gomorra. He explained that it was a town in California and, due to it being a “hotspot” for strange events, the Pinkertons had set up a field office there. The posse agreed to sign up with the Pinkertons on a rolling contract to help fund their way across the country.

Locations Visited
Denver, Colorado

Important NPC’s
Adam Rothschild
Senator Jacob Keeley

Following conversations with Detective Adam Rothschild and Senator Jacob Keeley, as well as reading back issues of the Denver Tribune, the group have pieced together some of the important events over the last 16 years.

1) The Civil War is still being fought. Despite numerous battles taking place over the last 16 years, none have proved conclusive. The Battle of Gettysburg ended in a stalemate, with both sides withdrawing from the field.

2) The nation that was once split into two, is now six separate nations. The United States of America is ruled by President Ulysses S. Grant, since he won the ‘72 election. The Confederate States of America was and is ruled by President Jefferson Davies. The Sioux Nation is ruled by Sitting Bull. The Coyote Confederation, a coalition of Cherokee, Comanche, Creek, Seminole, Kiowa, Chickasaw and Choctaw Indians, is led by a man named Coyote. The Republic of Deseret is a Mormon state, in what was previously Utah. And finally, the City of Lost Angels led by Reverend Grimme lays claim to most of California. There was a massive earthquake in California in ’68 which destroyed much of the west coast, but revealed large amounts of a new super-fuel dubbed ’ghost rock’.

3) There is a trans-continental railroad race underway, known as ‘The Great Rail Wars’, both the US and the Confederate Governments have offered a monopoly lasting a full year for the first company to join the east coast with the west. There are seven companies, each led by a so-called Rail Baron. Bayou Vermillion is a New Orleans based company, whereas Black River is run from Memphis, Tennessee. Denver Pacific is run by Smith and Robards. Dixie Rails and Union Blue have close links with the Confederate and US governments, respectively. Iron Dragon have the most northerly route and is run by a Chinese warlord known as Kang. Finally, the Wasatch railroad is run by Dr. Darius Hellstromme, one of the leading lights of the New Science.

4) The Republic of Deseret capital is Salt Lake City, also known as ‘The City of Gloom’, as it is the location of Dr. Hellstrommes factories and a huge cloud of smog hangs over the place.

5) Gomorra is a town in California, north of the City of Lost Angels. The Pinkertons have a field office there.

Important Events
• Ben Cooke was able to open his puzzle box and found a set of prayer beads together with a collection of paper strips with Chinese writing on them. Ben recognised that they were written in his hand writing but could not recall having written them himself, although they did seem familiar.
• With Ben’s help, Annie was able to open her book but found it was written in some sort of cipher. Unable to decipher it herself she gave it to Adam to try.
• The posse asked Jacob to locate who the Marshal’s badge belonged to. When he came back with an answer, the posse was shocked to hear that it belonged to a U.S. Marshal called Colt McCoy who was based out of the Chicago office.


The owner of the marshal’s badge (238) is… Colt McCoy.


A History Lesson
Galrick Galrick

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