Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Assault on Devil's Tower

December 1880

Following a vision of Jordrava being in trouble at Devil’s Tower, the posse arranged transport there via an autogyro. Avoiding a large skirmish below, the posse landed on the flattened top of the mountain, and proceeded to explore the caverns within.

Locations Visited
Deadwood, South Dakota
Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

Important NPC’s
Wild Bill Hickok
Arthur Dingler
Dr Victor Horsley

Important Events
• Following Wild Bill’s assault on the Gem, he paid the posse another visit, demanding restitution for them drawing weapons against him. He decided to allow them to live, as they had helped him find McCall, but took the majority of their ammunition with him. During the conversation, Bill mentioned he was searching for his twin Colt Navy pistols, missing since his return from the grave. The posse searched the ruins of the Gem, thinking Swearengen may have taken the guns, but found a single Colt Peacemaker instead. Sonny identified the gun as being a relic and theorised that this may have been McCall’s gun used to kill Bill.
• Within Devil’s Tower, the posse encountered the remnants of an unknown civilization. However, it was clear that whoever had lived there had been wiped out by an invading force. In one of the deeper caverns, the posse encountered a group of Union soldiers holding a bridge that led further into the mountain. Despite setting off multiple traps, the posse were able to defeat the soldiers and continued their exploration. Past the bridge, the posse found a series of laboratories and operating theatres where horrible experiments were being carried out. A pair of doctors, in the middle of removing a man’s brain to put in a glass cylinder, attacked the posse utilizing bizarre ghost-rock steel implants and weaponry. During the fight Doc Peabody appeared to have a seizure, repeating the name Dr Reynolds over and over. He later revealed that he had spent some time in an asylum where a Pinkerton affiliate, one Dr Reynolds had experimented on him. Both Dr Reynolds and one of the doctors in the laboratory had highly unusual violet eyes.
• Pushing deeper into the Tower past alien horrors, the posse eventually found the remains of a large glass dome holding what appeared to be a tear in reality. A pair of insectoid creatures were examining the portal but the posse were able to kill them allowing further investigation. An image of Jordrava appeared before the group, and slowly retreated through the portal. With no other options open to them, the posse stepped through after the shaman.

Based on ‘In the Fortress O’ Fright’ from The Last Sons published by Pinnacle Entertainment.


Galrick Galrick

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