Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Gifts of the Fire God

March/April 1880

The posse arrived in the Alaskan settlement of Kipniak and, unable to find any of the settlers who had seen a petroglyph, sought out Wei Yung, the sifu of the local martial arts school. Yung told the posse he had been expected them, having dreamed that outsiders would help them defeat evil spirits called the Howlers. Following the words of Miu Hin, the God of Fire, the posse were able to track the Howlers to the Revelation Mountains and succeeded in laying them to rest once more.

Locations Visited
Kipniak, Alaska
Barkerville, British Columbia
Eve’s Cove, Alaska
Tikchik, Alaska

Important NPC’s
Wei Yung
Miu Hin
The Howlers
William Barker

Important Events
• In order to hear the words of Miu Hin, Benjamin had to face him in one on one combat. Despite Hin’s superior training, Benjamin was able to draw upon his faith in the Tao to land the first blow, winning the fight. Hin explained he had come to America to defeat the Howlers and had initially succeeded, but they had been freed again by Raven, a mad Indian shaman. He told Benjamin to seek out William Barker, who had a good luck charm they would need to find the Howlers. Finally, he gave Benjamin a fire pot which would be needed to defeat the Howlers when he found them.
• The posse retrieved the good luck charm, which was actually an Indian medicine bag, and used it to locate a former companion of Raven. Unfortunately, the person they sought had been absorbed into the body of a creature composed of liquid ghost rock. The posse were able to defeat the creature, learning that Raven was in the Revelation Mountain of Alaska.
• Arriving at the town of Tikchik, the posse spoke to Nilak, the local shaman. He explained that Raven had come to the area offering help to the local Indian tribe against the white men. He released the Howlers, bringing eternal winter to the area. The posse used the last of Barker’s lucky charm to locate which mountain peak the Howlers were in and began their ascent of Hydra Peak. There they confronted the Howlers, defeating two of their number and trapping the third by using the fire pot to open a portal to the Hunting Grounds.
• Jeb returned to the group, claiming that he had been taken away by an angel, who requested he complete several tasks to prove his worth. This was why he had disappeared during his watch and had been trying to catch up to the group since.
• The posse were able to find a petroglyph within the Revelation Mountains and marked it with their blood. They also discovered a journal indicating that the location of another petroglyph was hidden within one of the books in the Whateley Family library in Gomorrah so the posse began their long journey back to California.

Based on ‘Against the Howlers’ from The Weird White North Trail Guide published by Pinnacle Entertainment.


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