Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Here be Dragons

February 1880

Arriving in Gomorra the posse were sent a request by the Pinkertons to investigate Jack Dougherty, a former miner who had apparently seen some cultist activity out in the maze. Dougherty was tracked to the local flophouse where the posse arrived in time to prevent his death at the hands of several Chinese men. Dougherty explained that he had heard weird noises out at the Labyrinth Mine and accompanied the posse to investigate further. Searching the mineshaft, the posse confronted a Chinese sorcerer and his followers who had a large number of eggs in their possession. The sorcerer caused one of these to hatch during the fight, revealing what appeared to be a dragon within. The posse were able to defeat the cultists and destroyed the remaining eggs to prevent them falling into the wrong hands.

Locations Visited
Gomorrah, California

Important NPC’s
Jack Dougherty

Important Events
• From the tattoos on their arms, the Chinese men were identified as working for Kang. It was unclear what they hoped to do with the eggs, but it was assumed that Kang wished them all hatched so he could harness their power.
• Once Kang’s men had been dealt with, the posse continued north to meet with Born-in-a-Bowl who used Sees-Far-Ahead’s skull to commune with his spirit. Each member of the posse received a vision of Grimme being killed by his flock out of desperation and hunger. Grimme returned to life as a Servitor and gathered those responsible for his death as his circle of Elders. Sees-Far-Ahead explained that the only way to kill Grimme was to kill him and all 13 of his followers within 1 hour of each other. Once a year, on the 23rd August, the elders reunite on the anniversary of the death of the real Grimme to feast with their lord and this would be the only opportunity to get all of them together. Sees-Far-Ahead also explained that, if they could activate a number of petroglyphs hidden around the west coast, they would be able to perform a ritual to generate a great flood that would destroy Grimme and his followers in one go. The posse realised that the symbol they saw in the Wailing Hole was one of these petroglyphs.
• Sees-Far-Ahead confirmed that Grimme’s Elders would rise from the dead an hour after death unless all were killed together. He also confirmed that Father Ambrose was one of the 13, explaining how he was able to return from the grave during their visit to Jehosaphat Valley.
• Born-in-a-Bowl performed a ritual to help the posse track the petroglyphs. Her finger would continue to show the posse the way and they headed north in search of the first symbol.

Based on ‘Into the Maze’ published by Pinnacle Entertainment.


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