Something Wicked This Way Comes...

I live in the weak and the wounded, Marshal...

Late April 1880

Arriving in the small town of Fairchild, the posse learned that a number of murders had rocked the community. It had started when a bandit had killed a saloon gal and had been hung for the crime. Since then, someone had turned up dead every couple of nights. The posse investigated and eventually learned that the town marshal was responsible. However, as he was dying, the marshal revealed himself to be possessed by the Eternal Warrior, a powerful spirit tied to Walks in Two Worlds’ family. It jumped to a neighbour and continued the attack against the posse, each time raising its previous host as the walking dead. Forced to seek shelter with the local priest in the church, the posse began searching for ways to banish the Eternal Warrior but were unable to prevent it from killing everyone else in the town.

Locations Visited
Fairchild, California

Important NPC’s
The Eternal Warrior
Marshal Byron

Important Events
• In the aftermath of the attack, the posse noticed that both the Marshal and a local bar tender had strange black veins on their necks. Both had been possessed by the Eternal Warrior for a longer period of time than the other temporary possessions.
• The local priest was able to drag one of the walking dead into the church, causing it to burst into flames. From this, the posse were able to determine that the undead cannot cross onto holy ground. It is unclear if this will affect the Eternal Warrior’s host however.
• The Eternal Warrior said that he ‘lived in the weak and wounded’. While the exact meaning of this is unclear, it was speculated that he was able to possess those that either had some sort of character flaw or that showed fear. As it did not attempt to possess anyone in the posse, this may imply that those that fight against the forces of the Reckoning may be immune.

Based on ‘Dead Man Walkin’ from Saddle Sore published by Pinnacle Entertainment.


Galrick Galrick

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