Something Wicked This Way Comes...

I'm Famished

Early August 1880

On their way back to New Hope, the posse discovered a group of dead men at the side of the road. Their bodies were mummified despite displaying evidence of being alive no more than 4 days earlier. Additionally, all of their food had vanished, including food within sealed tin cans. Paperwork found at the scene confirmed the men were transporting food from Watkin’s Field to Dry Water Creek. Investigating the source of the food, Winchester’s Export Depot, the posse discovered an underground storage area and were attacked by the creatures capable of causing great hunger in their victims. The fight alerted the guards and the posse were forced to partially destroy the warehouse with dynamite to escape.

Locations Visited
Watkin’s Field, California

Important NPC’s
Jebidiah Winchester

Important Events
• With the destruction of the warehouse, the posse were unable to continue their investigation and notified the Pinkertons of Winchester’s possible involvement. It was theorised that one of the famine creatures had escaped and was responsible for the deaths of the delivery men. A search of the area around Dry Water Creek was arranged for a future date.

Based on ‘Food for Thought’ from Saddle Sore published by Pinnacle Entertainment.


Galrick Galrick

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