Something Wicked This Way Comes...

It's not revenge they're's The Reckoning

Early May 1880

Arriving in Gomorra, the posse found the Whateley Mansion deserted. A note left for members of the family, including Sophie, pointed the posse to an island in the maze where they found a secondary Whateley home. Realising that Nicodemus was unlikely to help unless they provided their reason for being there, the posse revealed their plans to kill Reverend Grimme. Nicodemus explained that there was a petroglyph in caves beneath the house but they were currently occupied by Kang’s miners, hoping to steal the ghost rock found there. The posse entered the caves and were able to chase off the miners allowing the petroglyph ritual to be completed.

Locations Visited
Gomorra, California

Important NPC’s
Nicodemus Whateley

Important Events
• As part of their discussion about Reverend Grimme, Nicodemus told the posse more about the Reckoning. He explained that four powerful spirits, effectively the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, were responsible for the Reckoning. They had been allowed to influence the world by Raven, the Indian shaman the posse had heard of previously. He also explained that the Reckoners had chief followers, called Servitors, who could only be killed in a specific manner. Both Raven and Grimme were the head Servitors of two of the Horsemen (War and Famine) but he was unsure who the other two were.
• The posse also brought up rumours of a priest that had been seen in Gomorra looking for Nicodemus. He explained that there were a group of four priests named Matthew, Mark, Luke and John who hunted down people who used supernatural abilities, calling out both himself and Sonny as people they would target.

Based on ‘Night of the Caretaker’ from The Flood published by Pinnacle Entertainment.


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