Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Jumpin' Jehosaphat!

Early February 1880

Born-in-a-Bowl’s finger lead the posse back to California, pointing towards Jehosaphat Valley, the location of Lost Angel’s graveyard for non-believers. Seeing that it was heavily defended, the group entered the chapel pretending that Walks-in-Two-Worlds was dead. The priest, Father Ambrose, refused to leave the posse alone to “grieve” and they were forced to kill him in order to sneak into the boneyard. The finger pointed the way to an underground ossuary where they managed to find Sees-Far-Ahead’s skull but, by the time they emerged from the tunnels, Father Ambrose had returned to life and was warning the guards. The posse managed to escape by entering a guard tower and leaping off the walls, narrowly avoiding death from the cannons mounted in the other towers.

Locations Visited
Jehosaphat Valley, California

Important NPC’s
Father Ambrose

Important Events
• While searching for Sees-Far-Ahead’s skull, the posse encountered a creature made from the bones of several different bodies, seemingly fused together to make a collective. They narrowly were able to defeat the creature, suffering serious wounds in the process. It was this fight that delayed the posse from making their escape before Father Ambrose recovered.
• There were a number of carved sarcophagi present in the boneyard, each with a face carved into its top. The posse were unable to determine if these had any special significance before they left the graveyard.

Based on ‘Jumpin’ Jehosaphat!’ from The Flood published by Pinnacle Entertainment.


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