Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Coffin

April 1879

The posse found themselves in another cave and, travelling a short while north, the posse came to the town of Coffin Rock. Jeb encountered a man seemingly made from blood who had been attacking Shelly Daly, the rightful owner of the town’s mine. She explained that her uncle had killed her father and had taken control of the town. Following visions seen in reflective surfaces, the group headed into the hills where they met Laughs at Darkness, a local shaman. He recruited the posse to help free Tacheene, the spirit of the local land, from the evil townsfolk who had imprisoned him. Arriving at the mine, the posse encountered more blood men together with the local preacher, Lucien Cheval. Cheval used the power he had stolen from Tacheene to open a portal to the town’s church so he could begin a ritual. The posse followed and were able to defeat him and the demonic creatures he had summoned. With Cheval dead, the other townsfolk broke free of his control and Shelly’s uncle, Tom Daily, handed over the deeds to the town before fleeing his niece’s retribution.

Locations Visited
Coffin Rock, Colorado

Important NPC’s

Adam Rothschild
Deputy Davis
Laughs at Darkness
Lucien Cheval
Marshal Tom Daly
Shelly Daly

Important Events
• Following their trip through Hell, the following changes had occurred: Benjamin Cooke appeared younger and more vigorous. Colt McCoy appeared older than before. Jeb Guthrie appeared well groomed and wearing fancier clothes. Sonny Morricone was wearing a fancy suit in contrast to the poor quality clothes he normally wore. Doc. Smith appeared grizzled and tanned. Owain Lewis was revealed to actually by a woman named Annie Carlisle who had faked a male identity to gain respect in her profession.
• As well as improved guns, the following items had appeared in the posse’s possession: Ben had a puzzle box. Jeb had a copy of the bible. Sonny had a copy of Hoyle’s Book of Games. The Doc had a copy of a magazine called The New Science. Annie had a book locked with a clasp. Rather than having anything new, Colt still had his old Colt pistol which had not been changed by the trip through Hell.
• Outside the cave, the posse discovered a human skeleton that was missing both of its legs. Pinned to the remains of a tattered duster was a U.S. Marshal’s badge, numbered 238. In the skeleton’s hand was a note saying “Nicodemus has the answer. Seek him in Gomorra.”
• During an encounter with Deputy Davis, Colt noticed that a Marshal’s badge had appeared on his shirt, disappearing shortly afterwards. It is unclear if this is related to the badge found outside the cave.
• Upon freeing the town of Cheval’s control, the posse found a man suffering from hyperthermia in the town’s jail cell. With the Doc’s help, the man, Adam Rothschild, made a full recovery and explained that he was part of a Pinkerton Detective team sent to recover Cheval who was an escaped lunatic from New York. The posse mentioned their recent trip through Hell and Adam explained that strange things have been happening for years.

Based on ‘Coffin Rock’ published by Pinnacle Entertainment.


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