Something Wicked This Way Comes...

South O' the Border

June/July 1880

While protecting Eldon Strouth’s mining claim on behalf of the Pinkertons, the posse noticed a large army marching from the south. It soon became clear that Santa Anna had decided to attack California, starting with the City of Angels. Meeting the Pinkertons in the town of New Hope, the posse were asked to head south to Mexicali to cut off Santa Anna’s supply lines by destroying the factories there. The posse succeeded in destroying the factory, discovering a large amount of undead being stored in the tunnels underneath for use in the war. Returning to California the posse learned that Santa Anna had another reason for being in the area. He was searching for Stanley’s Live Bait and Curios, a small shack on the coast south of Lost Angels. The posse arrived just before the Mexican army and discovered that Santa Anna’s artificial leg was hanging up on the wall. Santa Anna attacked the posse, forcing them to beat him to death with the artificial leg, the only thing capable of harming him.

Locations Visited
Mexicali, Mexico
New Hope, California
Stanley’s Live Bait and Curios, California

Important NPC’s
Santa Anna
The Eternal Warrior
Senator Keeley

Important Events
• The undead beneath Mexicali were being feed a mixture of meat and a strange green plant. It was unclear what purpose this plant had but it was speculated that it had some sort of controlling effect on the undead. With the destruction of Mexicali it is possible that the supplies of this plant are destroyed.
• Following the battle with Santa Anna, one of the Mexican Soldiers revealed himself to be the current host of the Eternal Warrior. He apologised for his previous actions of killing an entire town and, when Walks in Two Worlds asked him to leave, he proceeded to slaughter the entire Mexican Army, allowing the posse to leave.

Based on ‘The Rise and Fall of Santa Anna’ from The Flood published by Pinnacle Entertainment.


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