Something Wicked This Way Comes...

The Battle of Heavenly Park

Late May 1880

Arriving in Shan Fan, the posse met with the Explorer’s Society and were tasked with recovering a key to their vault from Big Ears Tam, the Triad boss in charge of the city. Tam agreed to hand over the key if the posse worked for him for two weeks. During this time the posse successfully sabotaged Warlord Kang’s flag ship, the Abyssal, and acted as bodyguards for Tam at the Shan Fan Kumite. Before they could open the vault, the combined forces of Warlords Kang and Kwan attacked Shan Fan, culminating in a massive battle in Heavenly Park. It was here that the tide turned for Kwan when he was betrayed by Kang, who had secretly brokered a deal with Tam. With the battle ended, the posse helped the Society evacuate the relics within the vault.

Locations Visited
Shan Fan, California
Second Ford, California

Important NPC’s
Big Ears Tam
Warlord Kang
Warlord Kwan
Emperor Joshua Norton
Lt. Kung
The Sohei

Important Events
• While the posse were successful in sinking the Abyssal, the commander of the ship, Lt. Kung, was able to escape. It is unclear if he will recognise the posse and be able to report to Kang who was responsible for his battleship’s destruction.
• During the Kumite, Benjamin noticed one of the fighters called ‘The Sohei’. While it was impossible to see his face due to the traditional clothing he wore, Benjamin recognised his fighting stance from somewhere but was unable to place it. During the fight, the Sohei’s bandages slipped slightly, revealing stitches across his neck, implying he had either suffered a considerable head wound or was a patchwork zombie like similar creatures they had faced before.
• Sonny was recruited by Big Ears Tam to spy on his competitors. He learned that Kang had met with Kwan to plan a joint attack on Shan Fan. Using this information, Tam was able to broker a deal with Kang to turn on Kwan and keep the city under his control.
• Sonny also learned that Mayor Hodges of Second Ford had been captured by the Triad. Asking about his involvement with the abandoned mine, Sonny learned that Eliza was also involved and the posse returned to Second Ford to investigate further. Unfortunately, Sonny was unable to turn up any new evidence and the matter was dropped
• Searching the vault of the Explorer’s Society, the posse learned that another petroglyph was hidden on the nearby Isle of Ghost’s Tears.

Based on ‘The War of the Triads’ from The Flood published by Pinnacle Entertainment.


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