Something Wicked This Way Comes...

The Flood

23rd August 1880

With their confrontation with Grimme fast approaching, the posse began making their plans to enter the City of Lost Angels. Lacy O’Malley arranged transport into the city with a group of smugglers and the posse made their way to the cathedral at dawn. Benjamin began the ritual taught to the group by Born-in-a-Bowl, but Grimme and his inner circle arrived and began attacking the group. The posse were able to kill all 13 of the Inner Circle but none of their attacks could harm Grimme. However, before Grimme was able to kill the entire posse, a tsunami hit the city, smashing Grimme to death and apparently killing everyone in the city, the posse included.

Locations Visited
The City of Lost Angels, California
*Important NPC’s

Reverend Grimme

Important Events
• The posse were concerned about how their actions would kill everyone living in the city. It was eventually decided that they needed to go ahead with the plan as no other plan would allow Grimme and all inner circle to be all together and evacuating the city would be noticed. Unknown to the rest of the group, Benjamin had cashed in his family’s fortunes to provide life preserver gadgets from Smith and Robards for as many people in Lost Angels as possible. With the tsunami smahing through the city it is unclear if Benjamin’s plan was successful in saving any lives but at least they have more of a chance now than they had.
• Lacy explained that Grimme had formed a coalition with Hellstrome following his victory in the Great Rail Wars. As part of their agreement, Hellstrome had built a wall encompassing the landward side of the city, preventing the posse from sneaking in from this direction. Fortunately, Lacy had several contacts with smugglers in the area and was able to arrange passage for the posse this way.
• During the fight with Grimme, both Benjamin and Doc Smith were killed before the ritual could come to fruition. The fate of the rest of the posse is unknown but they are presumed dead following the tsunami.

Based on ‘The Flood’ from The Flood published by Pinnacle Entertainment.


Galrick Galrick

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