Something Wicked This Way Comes...

The Journey to Gomorra (Part I)

April 1879

Needing to get to Virginia City, the group boarded a train and met Rutherford Ellington Dillenger, an entrepreneur from New York who hoped to bring enlightenment to the Wild West. To help him in this goal, he had put together a large number of curios, pieces of art, fine plays and other such wonders. During the second day of the journey, the group became aware of shouting from the far end of the train and found it under attack from bandits wearing turbans and wielding scimitars. The posse were able to defeat the bandits, but not before their leader smashed open a cabinet to get to a necklace of Iranian make. Upon touching the necklace a green pulse seemed to emanate out for a moment and then stopped. That evening, a scream from the museum car alerted the posse, and they found that the bandits had returned as undead abominations, forcing the posse to put them down a second time.

Locations Visited
Virginia City, Nevada

Important NPC’s
Adam Rothschild
Rutherford Ellington Dillenger

Important Events
• Prior to reaching the necklace, the leader of the bandits had been chanting in a foreign language. It is unclear what he was saying or if it had some affect on the necklace that caused the green pulse.
• With the help of a Chinese passenger, Ben was able to determine that the papers from his puzzle box were sections of the Tao. Curious as to what these have to say, Ben began learning the Chinese language in the hopes of making a full translation.
• Upon arrival in Virginia City, the group decided to stay an extra day in case there were further attempts to steal the necklace. When it appeared that there were no further threats, the group continued on their way to Gomorra.

Based on ‘Abracadabra and an Arab Cadaver!’ from Hucksters and Hexes published by Pinnacle Entertainment.


Galrick Galrick

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