Something Wicked This Way Comes...

The Journey to Gomorra (Part II)

April 1879

Continuing their journey to Gomorra, the posse arrived in the town of Devil’s Gulch and decided to spend the evening in the local saloon, The Bull’s Head. The peace was soon shattered when Ephraim Watts, shot the faro dealer after a disagreement at the gaming table. The posse intervened to prevent the local miners from lynching Ephraim and handed him over to Marshal Bishop for incarceration until a circuit judge could arrive. That night, men in the employ of Watt’s father broke him out of the jail and the posse headed off for the Watt’s Ranch in pursuit. Watt’s men refused to hand over his son and a gunfight ensued, with the posse eventually gaining access to the ranch. The posse found Ephraim holding a maid hostage and, realising he would not listen to reason, Colt shot him in the head.

Locations Visited
Devil’s Gulch, California

Important NPC’s
Ephraim Watts
Marshal Henry Bishop
Mr. Farnsworth
Mr. Hubbard
Russ Hickey

Important Events
• Before Ephraim was broken out of jail, Doc. Smith was approached by Mr. Farnsworth and Mr Hubbard, the owners of the local hotel and bank respectively. They suggested that it would be best for the town if he was released as his father owned all the land in the area. This distraction was enough to draw the Doc’s attention away from the jail long enough for Watt’s men to blow the back wall off the building and escape.
• On the journey to the Watt’s ranch, the posse found an injured rancher named Russ Hickey. Russ explained that he had helped Ephraim escape but, when he teased him about his father not being able to get him out of this predicament, he shot him in the chest and left him for dead. After his wounds were treated he agreed to testify that Ephraim was responsible for the faro dealer’s death, but this testimony was unnecessary following his death during the gun fight.
• Annie told the posse about an event that occurred many years ago where she witnessed some sort of ritual murder. She had been plagued with nightmares of the event ever since but, since opening the encoded book she had found upon leaving “Hell”, the dream had changed. Now she could see a man standing outside the clearing watching the events holding the book.

Based on ‘Wealth and Privilege’ from Devil’s Gulch published by Chaosium.


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