Something Wicked This Way Comes...

The Mayor did it...

May 1880

On the return trip to Shan Fan, the posse stopped off in the town of Second Ford. The townsfolk explained that they had recently been attacked by a bandit gang and the posse decided to confront them that night. However, when they attempted to apprehend the gang they discovered they were actually ghosts. Speaking to the locals, the posse learned about the Carnival Gang, a bandit gang who had disappeared a year ago, and they began searching for clues as to why they had returned as ghosts. Discovering a gas-filled mine being worked by walking dead, the posse realised that a ritual had been perform that raise all the dead bodies in the area and surmised that this was responsible for the Carnival Gang’s return also. The posse managed to find the skeletons of the Carnival Gang in a nearby cave and, once these were destroyed, they were able to destroy the ghosts. Unfortunately the person the posse believed responsible for the ritual, Mayor Hodges, fled town before they could bring him to justice.

Locations Visited
Second Ford, California

Important NPC’s
Eliza Crawford
Mayor Hodges

Important Events
• During their investigations, the posse met Eliza Crawford, the widow of the gas-filled mine’s owner. Mr Crawford had committed suicide after being conned into buying worthless machinery to fix the gas problem. Eliza said she had seen the ghosts watching her property but had never entered. Later, after destroying the skeletons, the posse found 2 members of the gang in her house. Sonny vouched for Eliza despite some members of the group speculating that she may have been involved in the raising of the undead.
• The original Carnival Gang had 6 members, but only 4 skeletons were found. The posse believed the other two may have still lived somewhere in town but could not locate anyone who could identify them

Based on ‘On Bad Luck Mountain’ by Dylan Craig.


Galrick Galrick

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