Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Tribal Warfare

Late January 1880

Arriving at the town of Harmony, the posse learned that the Necessity Alliance were living on a small mesa in the Maze. There they discovered that Born-in-a-Bowl had been taken by members of the Rattlesnake Clan, a rival tribe of Indians who consorted with dark powers. Led by Eyes-Like-Fire, and accompanied by Weematai, the posse tracked the Rattlesnake Clan to a nearby cave complex. There, they were able to find Born-in-a-Bowl, who had been left close to death by the Clan’s torture, and defeated a member of the Clan who had the ability to become insubstantial.

Locations Visited
Harmony, California

Important NPC’s
Born in a Bowl
Sarah Daly

Important Events
• On their way to the Necessity Alliance mesa, the posse rescued Sarah Daly from a group of Indians who had tied her to an obelisk-like rock in the maze. It was speculated that these may have been member of the Rattlesnake Clan as it appeared they were attempting some sort of ritual. Sarah, the sister of Shelly Daly, appeared to have been injured by the Indians as there was blood on her clothes but, upon inspection by Doc. Smith, there was no sign of any wounds.
• Weematai and Eyes-Like-Fire were able to save Born-in-a-Bowl’s life using their tribal magic. When told about the posse’s quest to find Sees-Far-Ahead, Born-in-a-Bowl requested Walks-in-Two-Worlds to cut off one of her fingers. She explained that the finger would show the posse the way to Sees-Far-Ahead’s location. She also said that, if Sees-Far-Ahead was no longer alive that they should bring her his skull
• The posse showed Born-in-a-Bowl the tattoos left by Gennotoka during their journey into the Hunting Grounds. She was able to confirm that the marking was done by a member of the Order of the Raven, but was unable to explain why such a person would have let a group of white people live.

Based on ‘Tribal Warfare’ from The Flood published by Pinnacle Entertainment.


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