Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Viva la Revolucion!

Early February 1880

At the request of Senator Keeley, the posse travelled to Tombstone to join a convoy of supplies heading south to Mexico. Keeley explained that the Pikertons had been contacted by a group wishing to help the Mexicans against the occupying French armies. Meeting with their contact, Miguel Cruz, the posse learned that a number of his soldiers had recently died after their water supply had been poisoned. When these soldiers returned as zombies that night, the posse realised that there was a greater risk than just the French soldiers. Assaulting a nearby fort, which the posse initially believed to be controlled by the French, they discovered that the source of the poison was actually barrels of a green fluid owned by Bayou Vermillion. After dealing with Juan Carlos Burgos de Diaz, the commander of the fort, the posse ensured that all barrels of the fluid were destroyed, preventing any of the warring factions from using it.

Locations Visited
Tombstone, Arizona

Important NPC’s
Senator Keeley
Miguel Cruz
Juan Carlos Burgos de Diaz

Important Events
• The posse believed that Keeley had been aware of the Bayou Vermillion fluid before sending them south, and had only agreed to help the Mexicans to allow the group to get close enough to destroy it. It was unclear how Keeley knew about this, or, if his story was genuine, who asked him to intervene in the war. It was also impossible to determine if the fluid was stolen from Bayou Vermillion or if they were operating in the area.
• The animated dead raised by the fluid moved and attacked much faster than other examples the posse had faced in the past. Whatever chemicals were in the fluid seemed to super-charge the zombies and return to them some of the skills they had in life.

Based on ‘Don’t Drink the Water!’ published by Pinnacle Entertainment.


Galrick Galrick

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