Something Wicked This Way Comes...

When a Man with No Name becomes the Butcher

Late December 1879

Travelling north towards Shan Fan, the posse stopped off in the small town of Lion’s Roar, arriving just in time for its Founder’s Day celebrations. The evening before Founder’s Day, the posse discovered the body of a man, his head and both arms missing, and Susy Winger, the prostitute he was with, in a catatonic state. Shortly afterwards a second body was found, this one missing both its legs. The posse, theorising that the person responsible had some medical training, investigated the local doctor, a visiting Texas Ranger who carried a medical bag, and a drunk who had previously been a doctor. It transpired that the drunk was responsible, and, when his crimes were revealed, he turned into the Butcher. The posse were eventually able to defeat the Butcher by stabbing him with his own knife.

Locations Visited
Lion’s Roar, California

Important NPC’s
Bo Johanson
Dr. Zachary Smith
Jake Scott
Paul Goodwin
Ralphy Scott
Susy Winger
The Butcher
Walter Jackson

Important Events
• Upon arriving in Lion’s Roar, the posse met Walter Jackson, a Union soldier promoting the cease fire. Ralphy Scott, a former confederate soldier, attacked him while he was handing out his leaflets and the posse intervened to save his life.
• The first victim of the butcher was Paul Goodwin. While searching through his belongings, the posse discovered a hidden pocket containing coded notes. Annie was able to decipher these, learning that Goodwin was a Union spy taking notes on local Confederate forces.
• Searching the drunk’s room, the posse found a carpet bag containing a severed head with arms and feet sewn on. The head came to life and attempted to attack the posse but it was quickly dispatched. Three other carpet bags were found with similar contents, but the posse pre-emptively shot these to prevent further attacks.
• While the Butcher’s appearance matched that of the creature Doc Smith encountered at Gettysburg, the weapon he had in this encounter was a knife, while he had previously wielded a scalpel. It is unknown if the Butcher had changed weapons in the intervening 16 years or if this is a second Butcher and the original is still at large. The knife was taken by Cooke who has placed it inside a cigar box until it can be destroyed.

Based on ‘Independence Day’ published by Pinnacle Entertainment.


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