Something Wicked This Way Comes...

The Sin-eater
Early June 1880

Unable to gain permission to visit the Isle of Ghost’s Tears from Warlord Tam, the posse hired a boat to take them out there. On the island the posse discovered a graveyard and soon came under attack from the spirits of those buried there. Benjamin was able to calm one of the ghosts and learned that all the ghosts here followed the orders of Meng Chiang-mu, a ghost the posse later learned was of the first woman to die in the Great Quake. Meng explained that ghosts had been taken by something that was hidden from her. The posse discovered a creature identified as a Sin Eater on a smaller island and were able to defeat it. Happy that the threat to the ghosts was over, Meng allowed the posse access to the petroglyph.

Locations Visited
Shan Fan, California

Important NPC’s
Meng Chiang-nu

Important Events
• The only other occupant of the Isle of Ghost Tears was a hermit named Genjia. The posse speculated that he may have been responsible for the missing ghosts but were unable to detect anything odd about him. It was unclear if he was responsible for the Sin Eater (or if he was actually the Sin Eater) as the posse did not see him afterwards.

“I give easement and rest now to thee, dear man. Come not down the lanes or in our meadows. And for thy peace I pawn my own soul. Amen” From the gravestone of Richard Munslow, a Sin-eater who died in 1906 in Ratlinghope, Shropshire.

Based on ‘Isle of Ghost’s Tears’ from The Flood published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

The Battle of Heavenly Park
Late May 1880

Arriving in Shan Fan, the posse met with the Explorer’s Society and were tasked with recovering a key to their vault from Big Ears Tam, the Triad boss in charge of the city. Tam agreed to hand over the key if the posse worked for him for two weeks. During this time the posse successfully sabotaged Warlord Kang’s flag ship, the Abyssal, and acted as bodyguards for Tam at the Shan Fan Kumite. Before they could open the vault, the combined forces of Warlords Kang and Kwan attacked Shan Fan, culminating in a massive battle in Heavenly Park. It was here that the tide turned for Kwan when he was betrayed by Kang, who had secretly brokered a deal with Tam. With the battle ended, the posse helped the Society evacuate the relics within the vault.

Locations Visited
Shan Fan, California
Second Ford, California

Important NPC’s
Big Ears Tam
Warlord Kang
Warlord Kwan
Emperor Joshua Norton
Lt. Kung
The Sohei

Important Events
• While the posse were successful in sinking the Abyssal, the commander of the ship, Lt. Kung, was able to escape. It is unclear if he will recognise the posse and be able to report to Kang who was responsible for his battleship’s destruction.
• During the Kumite, Benjamin noticed one of the fighters called ‘The Sohei’. While it was impossible to see his face due to the traditional clothing he wore, Benjamin recognised his fighting stance from somewhere but was unable to place it. During the fight, the Sohei’s bandages slipped slightly, revealing stitches across his neck, implying he had either suffered a considerable head wound or was a patchwork zombie like similar creatures they had faced before.
• Sonny was recruited by Big Ears Tam to spy on his competitors. He learned that Kang had met with Kwan to plan a joint attack on Shan Fan. Using this information, Tam was able to broker a deal with Kang to turn on Kwan and keep the city under his control.
• Sonny also learned that Mayor Hodges of Second Ford had been captured by the Triad. Asking about his involvement with the abandoned mine, Sonny learned that Eliza was also involved and the posse returned to Second Ford to investigate further. Unfortunately, Sonny was unable to turn up any new evidence and the matter was dropped
• Searching the vault of the Explorer’s Society, the posse learned that another petroglyph was hidden on the nearby Isle of Ghost’s Tears.

Based on ‘The War of the Triads’ from The Flood published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

The Mayor did it...
May 1880

On the return trip to Shan Fan, the posse stopped off in the town of Second Ford. The townsfolk explained that they had recently been attacked by a bandit gang and the posse decided to confront them that night. However, when they attempted to apprehend the gang they discovered they were actually ghosts. Speaking to the locals, the posse learned about the Carnival Gang, a bandit gang who had disappeared a year ago, and they began searching for clues as to why they had returned as ghosts. Discovering a gas-filled mine being worked by walking dead, the posse realised that a ritual had been perform that raise all the dead bodies in the area and surmised that this was responsible for the Carnival Gang’s return also. The posse managed to find the skeletons of the Carnival Gang in a nearby cave and, once these were destroyed, they were able to destroy the ghosts. Unfortunately the person the posse believed responsible for the ritual, Mayor Hodges, fled town before they could bring him to justice.

Locations Visited
Second Ford, California

Important NPC’s
Eliza Crawford
Mayor Hodges

Important Events
• During their investigations, the posse met Eliza Crawford, the widow of the gas-filled mine’s owner. Mr Crawford had committed suicide after being conned into buying worthless machinery to fix the gas problem. Eliza said she had seen the ghosts watching her property but had never entered. Later, after destroying the skeletons, the posse found 2 members of the gang in her house. Sonny vouched for Eliza despite some members of the group speculating that she may have been involved in the raising of the undead.
• The original Carnival Gang had 6 members, but only 4 skeletons were found. The posse believed the other two may have still lived somewhere in town but could not locate anyone who could identify them

Based on ‘On Bad Luck Mountain’ by Dylan Craig.

It's not revenge they're's The Reckoning
Early May 1880

Arriving in Gomorra, the posse found the Whateley Mansion deserted. A note left for members of the family, including Sophie, pointed the posse to an island in the maze where they found a secondary Whateley home. Realising that Nicodemus was unlikely to help unless they provided their reason for being there, the posse revealed their plans to kill Reverend Grimme. Nicodemus explained that there was a petroglyph in caves beneath the house but they were currently occupied by Kang’s miners, hoping to steal the ghost rock found there. The posse entered the caves and were able to chase off the miners allowing the petroglyph ritual to be completed.

Locations Visited
Gomorra, California

Important NPC’s
Nicodemus Whateley

Important Events
• As part of their discussion about Reverend Grimme, Nicodemus told the posse more about the Reckoning. He explained that four powerful spirits, effectively the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, were responsible for the Reckoning. They had been allowed to influence the world by Raven, the Indian shaman the posse had heard of previously. He also explained that the Reckoners had chief followers, called Servitors, who could only be killed in a specific manner. Both Raven and Grimme were the head Servitors of two of the Horsemen (War and Famine) but he was unsure who the other two were.
• The posse also brought up rumours of a priest that had been seen in Gomorra looking for Nicodemus. He explained that there were a group of four priests named Matthew, Mark, Luke and John who hunted down people who used supernatural abilities, calling out both himself and Sonny as people they would target.

Based on ‘Night of the Caretaker’ from The Flood published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

I live in the weak and the wounded, Marshal...
Late April 1880

Arriving in the small town of Fairchild, the posse learned that a number of murders had rocked the community. It had started when a bandit had killed a saloon gal and had been hung for the crime. Since then, someone had turned up dead every couple of nights. The posse investigated and eventually learned that the town marshal was responsible. However, as he was dying, the marshal revealed himself to be possessed by the Eternal Warrior, a powerful spirit tied to Walks in Two Worlds’ family. It jumped to a neighbour and continued the attack against the posse, each time raising its previous host as the walking dead. Forced to seek shelter with the local priest in the church, the posse began searching for ways to banish the Eternal Warrior but were unable to prevent it from killing everyone else in the town.

Locations Visited
Fairchild, California

Important NPC’s
The Eternal Warrior
Marshal Byron

Important Events
• In the aftermath of the attack, the posse noticed that both the Marshal and a local bar tender had strange black veins on their necks. Both had been possessed by the Eternal Warrior for a longer period of time than the other temporary possessions.
• The local priest was able to drag one of the walking dead into the church, causing it to burst into flames. From this, the posse were able to determine that the undead cannot cross onto holy ground. It is unclear if this will affect the Eternal Warrior’s host however.
• The Eternal Warrior said that he ‘lived in the weak and wounded’. While the exact meaning of this is unclear, it was speculated that he was able to possess those that either had some sort of character flaw or that showed fear. As it did not attempt to possess anyone in the posse, this may imply that those that fight against the forces of the Reckoning may be immune.

Based on ‘Dead Man Walkin’ from Saddle Sore published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

The Armageddon Engine
April 1880

Crossing the border into California, the posse found a crashed steam wagon, its driver dead and evidence of its cargo having been dragged off. The only apparent survivor of the crash had been killed shortly afterwards by some sort of creature, but Jeb was unable to identify it as any local animal. Following the trail left by the cargo, the posse found an old farmhouse which was infested with strange creatures unlike anything the posse had encountered before. The cargo turned out to be a device capable of opening portals to another world or dimension, and the creatures had been stepping through for some time. The posse were able to deactivate the device and arranged for the Pinkertons to take custody of the device.

Locations Visited
Northern California

Important NPC’s

Important Events
• The survivor of the crash had a journal in his pocket and a key around his neck. The journal explained that the device had been fashioned by Niccolo da Vinci, the brother Leonardo da Vinci. He had designed it to mimic a creature shown in the bible capable of bringing Armageddon to the world. The method of starting the device had been lost to time but the key was to be used to shut the device down should it activate.
• Evidence at the crash site indicated that a lightning strike had caused the device to activate, resulting in the driver hitting a tree. Once activated, the device was capable of movement, and had dragged itself to the barn.
• Benjamin decided to take the key to ensure that the posse had a way to deactivate the device should it become reactivated in the future.

Based on ‘Engine Trouble’ from More Adventures in Arkham Country published by Chaosium.

Gifts of the Fire God
March/April 1880

The posse arrived in the Alaskan settlement of Kipniak and, unable to find any of the settlers who had seen a petroglyph, sought out Wei Yung, the sifu of the local martial arts school. Yung told the posse he had been expected them, having dreamed that outsiders would help them defeat evil spirits called the Howlers. Following the words of Miu Hin, the God of Fire, the posse were able to track the Howlers to the Revelation Mountains and succeeded in laying them to rest once more.

Locations Visited
Kipniak, Alaska
Barkerville, British Columbia
Eve’s Cove, Alaska
Tikchik, Alaska

Important NPC’s
Wei Yung
Miu Hin
The Howlers
William Barker

Important Events
• In order to hear the words of Miu Hin, Benjamin had to face him in one on one combat. Despite Hin’s superior training, Benjamin was able to draw upon his faith in the Tao to land the first blow, winning the fight. Hin explained he had come to America to defeat the Howlers and had initially succeeded, but they had been freed again by Raven, a mad Indian shaman. He told Benjamin to seek out William Barker, who had a good luck charm they would need to find the Howlers. Finally, he gave Benjamin a fire pot which would be needed to defeat the Howlers when he found them.
• The posse retrieved the good luck charm, which was actually an Indian medicine bag, and used it to locate a former companion of Raven. Unfortunately, the person they sought had been absorbed into the body of a creature composed of liquid ghost rock. The posse were able to defeat the creature, learning that Raven was in the Revelation Mountain of Alaska.
• Arriving at the town of Tikchik, the posse spoke to Nilak, the local shaman. He explained that Raven had come to the area offering help to the local Indian tribe against the white men. He released the Howlers, bringing eternal winter to the area. The posse used the last of Barker’s lucky charm to locate which mountain peak the Howlers were in and began their ascent of Hydra Peak. There they confronted the Howlers, defeating two of their number and trapping the third by using the fire pot to open a portal to the Hunting Grounds.
• Jeb returned to the group, claiming that he had been taken away by an angel, who requested he complete several tasks to prove his worth. This was why he had disappeared during his watch and had been trying to catch up to the group since.
• The posse were able to find a petroglyph within the Revelation Mountains and marked it with their blood. They also discovered a journal indicating that the location of another petroglyph was hidden within one of the books in the Whateley Family library in Gomorrah so the posse began their long journey back to California.

Based on ‘Against the Howlers’ from The Weird White North Trail Guide published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

Brothers o' the Woods
February/March 1880

The posse travelled north into Oregon in search of the ancient petroglyphs. Rumours of sasquatch sightings in the area and several missing people led them to a forest clearing where they discovered the sasquatch were using humans as bait to kill wendigo. Learning that a large number of petroglyphs were to be found in a place called “Hell’s Canyon”, the posse set off to locate the specific one they required.

Locations Visited
Portland, Oregon
Hell’s Canyon, Oregon

Important NPC’s
Walks Alone at Dawn
Hunting Hawk
Storm Eagle
Merryweather Anderson Jr.

Important Events
• On their way through the forests of Oregon, Jebidah went missing during his watch. He had left his clothes behind and there was no sign of any tracks in the vicinity. Unable to find him, the posse were forced to continue without him.
• One of the rescued humans was an Indian named Hunting Hawk. He explained that his uncle, Walks Alone at Dawn, was a shaman and could help locate the petroglyph for them. Walks Alone at Dawn told the posse of the history of the sasquatch and the wendigo. Something had recently caused the sasquatch to become hostile to humans and he hoped that the posse would be able to resolve these issues. Before setting off for Hell’s Canyon, the posse helped Walks Alone at Dawn defended his tribe’s home from a pack of wolf-like humanoids
• Some of the carvings in Hell’s Canyon told the history of the sasquatch race, and Benjamin was able to translate a small amount of it, pointing the posse towards a sacred glade. However, without Jeb to navigate through the forest, and Born in a Bowl’s finger pointing a different direction, the posse opted to move on with their primary mission, leaving the sasquatch/wendigo war unresolved.
• The posse were joined by Merryweather Anderson Jr. a child reporter from Denver, who hoped to photograph a sasquatch. As the posse’s search for the petroglyphs seemed of interest, Merryweather accompanied them further north.

Based on ‘The Winter War’ from The Great Northwest Trail Guide published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

Here be Dragons
February 1880

Arriving in Gomorra the posse were sent a request by the Pinkertons to investigate Jack Dougherty, a former miner who had apparently seen some cultist activity out in the maze. Dougherty was tracked to the local flophouse where the posse arrived in time to prevent his death at the hands of several Chinese men. Dougherty explained that he had heard weird noises out at the Labyrinth Mine and accompanied the posse to investigate further. Searching the mineshaft, the posse confronted a Chinese sorcerer and his followers who had a large number of eggs in their possession. The sorcerer caused one of these to hatch during the fight, revealing what appeared to be a dragon within. The posse were able to defeat the cultists and destroyed the remaining eggs to prevent them falling into the wrong hands.

Locations Visited
Gomorrah, California

Important NPC’s
Jack Dougherty

Important Events
• From the tattoos on their arms, the Chinese men were identified as working for Kang. It was unclear what they hoped to do with the eggs, but it was assumed that Kang wished them all hatched so he could harness their power.
• Once Kang’s men had been dealt with, the posse continued north to meet with Born-in-a-Bowl who used Sees-Far-Ahead’s skull to commune with his spirit. Each member of the posse received a vision of Grimme being killed by his flock out of desperation and hunger. Grimme returned to life as a Servitor and gathered those responsible for his death as his circle of Elders. Sees-Far-Ahead explained that the only way to kill Grimme was to kill him and all 13 of his followers within 1 hour of each other. Once a year, on the 23rd August, the elders reunite on the anniversary of the death of the real Grimme to feast with their lord and this would be the only opportunity to get all of them together. Sees-Far-Ahead also explained that, if they could activate a number of petroglyphs hidden around the west coast, they would be able to perform a ritual to generate a great flood that would destroy Grimme and his followers in one go. The posse realised that the symbol they saw in the Wailing Hole was one of these petroglyphs.
• Sees-Far-Ahead confirmed that Grimme’s Elders would rise from the dead an hour after death unless all were killed together. He also confirmed that Father Ambrose was one of the 13, explaining how he was able to return from the grave during their visit to Jehosaphat Valley.
• Born-in-a-Bowl performed a ritual to help the posse track the petroglyphs. Her finger would continue to show the posse the way and they headed north in search of the first symbol.

Based on ‘Into the Maze’ published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

Even the best gambler loses a hand once in a while...
February 1880

Based on ‘The Last Stop’ published by Pinnacle Entertainment.


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