Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Jumpin' Jehosaphat!
Early February 1880

Born-in-a-Bowl’s finger lead the posse back to California, pointing towards Jehosaphat Valley, the location of Lost Angel’s graveyard for non-believers. Seeing that it was heavily defended, the group entered the chapel pretending that Walks-in-Two-Worlds was dead. The priest, Father Ambrose, refused to leave the posse alone to “grieve” and they were forced to kill him in order to sneak into the boneyard. The finger pointed the way to an underground ossuary where they managed to find Sees-Far-Ahead’s skull but, by the time they emerged from the tunnels, Father Ambrose had returned to life and was warning the guards. The posse managed to escape by entering a guard tower and leaping off the walls, narrowly avoiding death from the cannons mounted in the other towers.

Locations Visited
Jehosaphat Valley, California

Important NPC’s
Father Ambrose

Important Events
• While searching for Sees-Far-Ahead’s skull, the posse encountered a creature made from the bones of several different bodies, seemingly fused together to make a collective. They narrowly were able to defeat the creature, suffering serious wounds in the process. It was this fight that delayed the posse from making their escape before Father Ambrose recovered.
• There were a number of carved sarcophagi present in the boneyard, each with a face carved into its top. The posse were unable to determine if these had any special significance before they left the graveyard.

Based on ‘Jumpin’ Jehosaphat!’ from The Flood published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

Viva la Revolucion!
Early February 1880

At the request of Senator Keeley, the posse travelled to Tombstone to join a convoy of supplies heading south to Mexico. Keeley explained that the Pikertons had been contacted by a group wishing to help the Mexicans against the occupying French armies. Meeting with their contact, Miguel Cruz, the posse learned that a number of his soldiers had recently died after their water supply had been poisoned. When these soldiers returned as zombies that night, the posse realised that there was a greater risk than just the French soldiers. Assaulting a nearby fort, which the posse initially believed to be controlled by the French, they discovered that the source of the poison was actually barrels of a green fluid owned by Bayou Vermillion. After dealing with Juan Carlos Burgos de Diaz, the commander of the fort, the posse ensured that all barrels of the fluid were destroyed, preventing any of the warring factions from using it.

Locations Visited
Tombstone, Arizona

Important NPC’s
Senator Keeley
Miguel Cruz
Juan Carlos Burgos de Diaz

Important Events
• The posse believed that Keeley had been aware of the Bayou Vermillion fluid before sending them south, and had only agreed to help the Mexicans to allow the group to get close enough to destroy it. It was unclear how Keeley knew about this, or, if his story was genuine, who asked him to intervene in the war. It was also impossible to determine if the fluid was stolen from Bayou Vermillion or if they were operating in the area.
• The animated dead raised by the fluid moved and attacked much faster than other examples the posse had faced in the past. Whatever chemicals were in the fluid seemed to super-charge the zombies and return to them some of the skills they had in life.

Based on ‘Don’t Drink the Water!’ published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

Tribal Warfare
Late January 1880

Arriving at the town of Harmony, the posse learned that the Necessity Alliance were living on a small mesa in the Maze. There they discovered that Born-in-a-Bowl had been taken by members of the Rattlesnake Clan, a rival tribe of Indians who consorted with dark powers. Led by Eyes-Like-Fire, and accompanied by Weematai, the posse tracked the Rattlesnake Clan to a nearby cave complex. There, they were able to find Born-in-a-Bowl, who had been left close to death by the Clan’s torture, and defeated a member of the Clan who had the ability to become insubstantial.

Locations Visited
Harmony, California

Important NPC’s
Born in a Bowl
Sarah Daly

Important Events
• On their way to the Necessity Alliance mesa, the posse rescued Sarah Daly from a group of Indians who had tied her to an obelisk-like rock in the maze. It was speculated that these may have been member of the Rattlesnake Clan as it appeared they were attempting some sort of ritual. Sarah, the sister of Shelly Daly, appeared to have been injured by the Indians as there was blood on her clothes but, upon inspection by Doc. Smith, there was no sign of any wounds.
• Weematai and Eyes-Like-Fire were able to save Born-in-a-Bowl’s life using their tribal magic. When told about the posse’s quest to find Sees-Far-Ahead, Born-in-a-Bowl requested Walks-in-Two-Worlds to cut off one of her fingers. She explained that the finger would show the posse the way to Sees-Far-Ahead’s location. She also said that, if Sees-Far-Ahead was no longer alive that they should bring her his skull
• The posse showed Born-in-a-Bowl the tattoos left by Gennotoka during their journey into the Hunting Grounds. She was able to confirm that the marking was done by a member of the Order of the Raven, but was unable to explain why such a person would have let a group of white people live.

Based on ‘Tribal Warfare’ from The Flood published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

A little fear is a dangerous thing...
Late January 1880

Heading north in search of the Necessity Alliance, the posse stopped off in the town of Eagles’ Point, where they learned a number of children had recently died. Each child had died of suspected heart attacks, likely caused from fear and, speaking with other children in town they learned that Lindsey Turner had recently been suffering from bad dreams. Believing Lindsay may be the next victim, the posse watched over her that night. Nothing happened to Lindsay but the next day another child, Chris Blackley, was found dead. This time the posse noticed a smell of perfume at the scene reminiscent of that worn by the schoolmarm, Elizah. Searching her house, the posse found a list of the dead children with a Shirley Ericson being next. At the Ericson house they found Shirley had been taken and quickly went in search of Elizah. When the posse confronted Elizah, she revealed herself to be some sort of undead creature capable of causing great fear in those that looked at her. Walks-in-Two-Worlds proved mostly immune to this power and was able to land a killing blow.

Locations Visited
Eagle’s Point, California

Important NPC’s
Elizah Markley
Ralph Blake
Lindsey Turner

Important Events
• Following the death of Elizah, the posse returned to the town to find that the Marshal had committed suicide. A further search of Elizah’s house revealed what had happened: Elizah had been killed several weeks earlier by a horse thief and thrown into a nearby canyon. Later, she had returned as one of the undead and had magically controlled Marshal Blake, her former lover, into helping kill the children. With her control broken, Blake recalled the acts he had allowed to happen and presumable committed suicide from the guilt he felt.

Based on ‘Suffer the Children’ published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

The Rock
January 1880

Having seen a message from Lacy O’Malley in the Tombstone Epitaph, the posse travelled south to Perdition. Lacy explained that his sources had learned that Sam Hellman was being kept in Grimme’s island prison, The Rock. The group agreed to launch an assault on the prison, timed to coincide with an attack from a group of Maze Rats. The posse were able to sneak into the prison via a sewage pipe and managed to rescue Hellman and several other prisoners, escaping before the prison guards were alerted.

Locations Visited
Perdition, California
Lost Angels, California

Important NPC’s
Samuel Hellman
Lacy O’Malley
Charley Buckner
Job Dunston

Important Events
• Amongst the prisoners on the Rock were Charlie Buckner, a foreman for Wasatch rail, Job Dunston, the former marshal of Lost Angels, and a mysterious man named Griff. Griff claimed to be working for Iron Dragon but also referred to himself as a political prisoner. While Buckner, Dunston and Hellman accompanied the posse back to Perdition, Griff left the group to make his own way home.
• Once Hellman was nursed back to health he explained that Grimme and his Guardian Angels were actually cannibals and were feeding their congregation with human flesh. During his time on the Rock he met an Indian shaman named Sees-Far-Ahead who said that Grimme was a Servitor of the Reckoning and that he knew how to kill Grimme. Unfortunately, Grimme’s men took Sees-Far-Ahead away before he could tell Hellman how to do it. He suggested that the posse track down another shaman, Born-in-a-Bowl, a member of the Necessity Alliance, who would be able to find Sees-Far-Ahead.

Based on ‘The Rock’ from The Flood published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

Never make a deal with a Devil
Early January 1880

The posse arrived in Gomorra and delivered the message they had been given to Cort Williams. Cort told them about Snow Camp, a local logging community, which had been stricken by an outbreak of diphtheria. The posse agreed to deliver medical supplies but, upon their arrival, they soon realised that the disease was actually of supernatural origin. Having spoken to the local doctor, Doc Ted, the posse tracked down the local Indian shaman, Gennotoka. He explained that he had made a pact with a Manitou to save the life of his daughter, offering the lives of the people in Snow Camp in payment. Now that the spirit had double crossed him, Gennotoka offered to help the posse enter the hunting grounds. Guided by Gennotoka’s spirit guide, She-Who-Does-Not-Raise-Her-Young, the posse were able to defeat the Manitou, ending the threat of the disease.

Locations Visited
Gomorra, California
Snow Camp, California

Important NPC’s
Doc. Ted
Nicodemus Whateley
Cort Williams

Important Events
• While in Gomorra, the posse confronted Nicodemus Whateley about which of them he recognised. He revealed that it was Annie that he knew, by reputation only. Following an in depth conversation with Nicodemus, Annie revealed that she and Nicodemus were distantly related and that the ritual she had seen many years ago had been organised to impress her mother. She also revealed that her real name was Sophie Ellis, the metal covered book she had belonged to her mother, and that the group responsible for the ritual were the Freemasons.
• Upon arriving back in Gomorra, Nicodemus revealed to Annie that she had been “marked” by Gennotoka in her sleep. After checking with the rest of the posse it became apparent that everyone apart from Walks-in-Two-Worlds had been marked, a small tattoo placed upon their backs. Nicodemus claimed that Gennotoka’s stories were lies and that he was a member of the Order of the Raven, a war-like group of Indians. It is unclear if Nicodemus was telling the truth in this as, if Gennotoka was a member of a group who wished White men dead, why didn’t he kill the posse while they slept?

Based on ‘Fever Pitch’ published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

Big Trouble in Little Shan Fan
Late December 1879

Arriving in Shan Fan, the posse learned that the local Explorer Society lodge had recently burned to the ground. Tracking lodge members to the Sunrise House, the posse once again met Rutherford Ellington Dillenger, who explained that the local triad were after the Amulet of Rahashimir, the same amulet the posse had protected previously. Cpt. Roderick Pennington-Smythe had left in an attempt to destroy the amulet but had not returned and the posse agreed to search for him. They were able to track him to an old temple in a rundown part of town and rescued him from his triad captors. He explained that he had hidden the amulet outside the city but one of the triad’s mystics had pulled the location from his mind. Arriving at the amulet’s hiding place, the Wailing Hole, the group found the triad members had been killed by The Wailing Doom, an earth elemental spirit. The posse destroyed the Wailing Doom by shooting a garnet located in its head and were able to retrieve the amulet from a demonic creature working with the triad.

Locations Visited
Shan Fan, California

Important NPC’s
Rutherford Ellington Dillenger
Cpt. Roderick Pennington-Smythe

Important Events
• In the aftermath of their fight with the Wailing Doom, the posse noticed a glowing symbol on the wall of a lightning bolt. Pennington-Smythe confirmed that it was actually a native American symbol for earthquake.
• With Pennington-Smythe and the amulet returned, the posse were welcomed into the Explorer’s Society. Pennington-Smythe explained that the society traced its roots to the Twilight Legion, a centuries old organisation dedicated to fighting the supernatural. The posse were given rings that mark them as being members of the society and told that only genuine members of the society are aware that a Jackalope’s head hangs above the hearth of the London lodge.

Based on ‘Big Trouble in Little Shan Fan’ from The Flood published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

When a Man with No Name becomes the Butcher
Late December 1879

Travelling north towards Shan Fan, the posse stopped off in the small town of Lion’s Roar, arriving just in time for its Founder’s Day celebrations. The evening before Founder’s Day, the posse discovered the body of a man, his head and both arms missing, and Susy Winger, the prostitute he was with, in a catatonic state. Shortly afterwards a second body was found, this one missing both its legs. The posse, theorising that the person responsible had some medical training, investigated the local doctor, a visiting Texas Ranger who carried a medical bag, and a drunk who had previously been a doctor. It transpired that the drunk was responsible, and, when his crimes were revealed, he turned into the Butcher. The posse were eventually able to defeat the Butcher by stabbing him with his own knife.

Locations Visited
Lion’s Roar, California

Important NPC’s
Bo Johanson
Dr. Zachary Smith
Jake Scott
Paul Goodwin
Ralphy Scott
Susy Winger
The Butcher
Walter Jackson

Important Events
• Upon arriving in Lion’s Roar, the posse met Walter Jackson, a Union soldier promoting the cease fire. Ralphy Scott, a former confederate soldier, attacked him while he was handing out his leaflets and the posse intervened to save his life.
• The first victim of the butcher was Paul Goodwin. While searching through his belongings, the posse discovered a hidden pocket containing coded notes. Annie was able to decipher these, learning that Goodwin was a Union spy taking notes on local Confederate forces.
• Searching the drunk’s room, the posse found a carpet bag containing a severed head with arms and feet sewn on. The head came to life and attempted to attack the posse but it was quickly dispatched. Three other carpet bags were found with similar contents, but the posse pre-emptively shot these to prevent further attacks.
• While the Butcher’s appearance matched that of the creature Doc Smith encountered at Gettysburg, the weapon he had in this encounter was a knife, while he had previously wielded a scalpel. It is unknown if the Butcher had changed weapons in the intervening 16 years or if this is a second Butcher and the original is still at large. The knife was taken by Cooke who has placed it inside a cigar box until it can be destroyed.

Based on ‘Independence Day’ published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds
5th December 1879

Dispatched by the Pinkertons to deliver a coded message to the Gomorra office, the posse’s train was attacked and de-railed by bandits. Surviving the crash and dispatching the bandits, the posse learned that, when the train engine exploded, it had caused the ground beneath them to cave in, revealing an underground railroad. Following the tracks the posse met Dr. Darius Hellstrome, owner of the Wasatch Rail Road, who was attempting to win the Great Rail Wars by tunnelling under the mountains to California. Hellstrome was successful in reaching the City of Lost Angels but faced opposition from all the other rail companies and Reverend Grimme’s followers. It was Hellstrome who was victorious however, as he unleashed Project: Ghostfire on his enemies.

Locations Visited
Denver, Colorado
City of Lost Angels, California

Important NPC’s
Dr. Darius Hellstrome
Lacy O’Malley
Sister Andrea

Important Events
• During their time with Wasatch Rail, the posse met Lacy O’Malley, reporter for the Tombstone Epitaph. Lacy had been invited by Hellstrome to report on his triumphant victory over the other rail barons. During the Battle of Lost Angels, Lacy slipped away to check for a message he was expecting from Sam Hellman, a Pinkerton agent based inside the city. When he was unable to find the message he recruited the posse to help him search the city for him. Ultimately, the group were unsuccessful in finding him, but it was believed that he had been taken somewhere by Grimme’s Guardian Angels.
• While exiting the city, the posse witnessed a group of injured Guardian Angels being confronted by Sister Andrea and her group of followers. They turned upon the wounded Angels and, after beating them unconscious, threw them in the back of a wagon taking them away.
• Following Hellstrome’s victory, Lacy revealed to the group that he was part of Eric Michele’s group who were attempting to bring an end to the supernatural evil active in the world. He suggested the group travel to Shan Fan and speak with Cpt. Roderick Pennington-Smythe, a member of the Explorer’s Society. As members of the society, the posse would sometimes be able to call upon support from the Pinkertons and Texas Rangers for help.

Based on ‘The Hellbore’ from The Flood published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

A War to End All Wars or to Kill a President
September 1879

The posse were called upon by the Pinkertons to investigate the disappearance of Daniel Langtree, a freelance agent who was last seen with members of the Bayou Vermillion railroad company. They soon learned that he had been sacrificed in a voodoo ritual somehow linked to Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Subsequent to this, the posse were contacted by General Robert E. Lee who explained that Davis had been acting strange for a long time and asked that they travel to Davis’ family home in Mississippi to speak with his wife, Sarah. Learning that Davis had killed his own son with his bare hands, the posse set off for Richmond, hoping to uncover what had happened to the President. Confronting Davis with his actions in front of other influential residents of the city, a fight broke out between the posse and Davis’ personal bodyguards, the Nightwatchers, during which the President was shot. Davis’ skin fell away revealing a humanoid creature made of some sort of white fluid. The posse defeated the creature and acting President Eric Michele managed to prevent the full truth being reported to the press.

Locations Visited
Denver, Colorado
David Island, Mississippi
Richmond, Virginia
Lexington, Kentucky

Important NPC’s
“Cheyenne” Wright
Dr. Matthew DeForrest
Dr. Moses Hoge
Eric Michelle
General Robert E. Lee
Jason Needham
President Jefferson Davis
Sarah Knox Davis
Winnie Davis

Important Events
• The three voodoo priests that conducted the ritual in Denver had in their possession a portrait of Davis’ wife, a bible given by Davis to his brother, and a rifle believed to have been used by Davis in the Mexican War.
• Shortly after conducting his meeting with the posse, General Lee was attacked and killed by Davis’ Nightwatchers. The posse were attacked by “Cheyenne” Wright, one of Lee’s aides, who revealed himself to be a Nightwatcher who had infiltrated Lee’s staff. It became apparent from the fight and subsequent encounters with them that all the Nightwatchers are Harrowed.
• While attempting to reach Sarah Davis, the posse were able to take advantage of another group attacking the Nightwatchers. It was not determined who the other group was but Jason Needham, Lee’s aide, claimed it was not any of Lee’s men.
• The posse learned from Sarah Davis that Jefferson had changed around the time he visited the family physician, Dr. Matthew DeForrest, in Lexington. Speaking to Dr. DeForrest, the posse learned that Davis had taken a walk in the local area and had stayed out all night. On his return he seemed tired but filled with excitement and swiftly left, leaving behind a Lemat pistol belonging to Jeb Stuart as a gift for DeForrest. Believing that the weapon may be key to defeating Davis, the posse replaced it with a shop bought version and took and took it with them to Richmond.
• At Richmond, the posse met with Lee’s contacts, Dr. Moses Hoge and Eric Michelle. Michelle believed that whatever happened to Davis could not be corrected and he needed to die. Hoge believed that redemption was possible and wanted the posse to capture Davis. In the end it was decided that they would attempt a peaceful resolution but prepared contingencies in event of a fight.
• It was decided that the best time to confront Davis would be at General Lee’s funeral. Disguised as Sarah Davis, Annie announced the President’s crimes to those assembled and the posse were able to convince other influential members of the crowd to question him. This led to the fight that revealed Davis’ true nature.
• In the aftermath of the President’s death, Eric Michele was announced as interim President and swiftly moved to quell talks of a supernatural creature having replaced Davis. The assassination was blamed on a Robert Alexander. He also announced a cease fire between the Confederate and Union Forces.

Based on ‘Dead Presidents’ published by Pinnacle Entertainment


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