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Letter from Walks-In-Two-Worlds to Captain Linkous, Fort Lincoln

Captain Linkous,

I regret to inform you that during a train journey to Fort Lincoln, your wife Jenny was murdered by a coward and a fiend.

The story I am about to relate is true, no matter how odd it must seem know that I am no liar or creator of fancy tales.

Your wife was abducted during an assault upon the train we were travelling in. A force of unnatural men controlled by a mad scientist attacked and kidnapped your wife and one other passenger. As a troubleshooter I took it upon myself to lead a posse and attempt to rescue the pair.

We tracked the fiend’s men to a cave where we discovered a laboratory of unspeakable horrors, your wife and the other passenger were killed during a battle with the scientist Dr Radcliffe and his minions.

I know this is no comfort but the man responsible was killed and will not be able to ruin any more lives. I am sorry I could not bring her home safely and I will always be haunted by my failure.

A funeral was arranged for your wife at the town of White Cross where she was buried with a headstone clearly marking her resting place.

If you wish to contact me to discuss this matter further, leave a message with the Pinkerton Detective Agency who will be able to pass it on to me directly. My work requires me to move around throughout the West but if you require a meeting, I will make time to meet with you.


Letter from Archibald Pillington-Cox to Cooke

Dear Mr Tilton,

Many thanks for your letter and interest in our publication. However, I am not sure that I can be off much assistance. You are of course, correct that Benjamin Cooke was one of our reporters covering the War. It would appear that whilst en route to interview Senator Waldo Porter Johnson, along with his photographer, Owain Lewis, they took up arms against the Union, joining the 13th Alabama Rifles.
Despite his change in priorities, Mr Cooke continued to send back periodic reports from the frontlines, several of which were published. He apparently distinguished himself during the Peninsula Campaign, gaining a promotion to the rank of corporal in the process. However, disaster befell him during the Battle of Gettysburg. I have been unable to determine the exact circumstances, but he is listed in the 13th Alabama Rifle’s rolls as being killed during enemy action.
In conjunction with Mr Cooke’s family, attempts were made to recover his mortal remains, but unfortunately due to the chaotic aftermath of the battle, neither of the armed forces were able to help us. I have also made attempts to visit the battlefield, but have been prevented by Union forces citing ‘dangerous geological conditions’ that render the entire area unstable.

Please accept my apologies at not being able to be more helpful, and if you have any more questions, I would be delighted to hear from you. I look forward to reading your treatise, and if I could inquire, do you have a prior agreement with a publisher?

Yours sincerely,

Archibald Pillington-Cox, Editor-in-Chief

Telegram from Senator Jacob Keeley to McCoy, regarding the owner of Marshal Badge 238

No photograph STOP Mccoy listed as mia since last april STOP Working in Sioux Nations but last seen heading for California STOP Source states he has unspecified augmentations and highest kill ratio in eastern districts STOP

Letter from Andrew Lane to U.


Know that this is harder for you to bear than I to suffer. Since the fight in Gomorra my visions have returned, seemingly with a vengeance following 16 years of neglect. My friends are in danger, seemingly by my own hands. I find no solace in that.

I pray my visions deceive me by mirroring my fears rather than my destiny. Still, I cannot chance either. I implore you to stop me by any means necessary. My inner demon will strive to undo all we strove to accomplish in the years following the Reckoning.

I can only impart what I remember, but I remember these horrors well enough:

1. I see our Saviour, Lord Jesus Christ, burdening my shoulders as though I were one the one walking the path to the Crucifixion. The cross weighs on me and I do not know why.

2. I see the salt flats of Deseret.

3. I see Darkness.

Whatever is to happen, I am unsure. My final fate was foretold once and I ignored it. Fate denies me a second chance at seeing the culmination of my existence.

I’m uncertain as to whom the duty of intercepting me falls. I can only console you with this….

Stop me.

For I would do the same for you, should the positions be reversed. I bear you no animosity, as I pray you bear me none.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Lane

Correspondence Telegrams etc

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