Something Wicked This Way Comes...

The Great Medicine Dance
June 21st 1881

Based on ‘The Great Summoning’ from The Last Sons published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

The Last Old One
May 1881

Based on ‘The Mission’ from Fire and Brimstone published by Pinnacle Entertainment and ‘Lodges o’ the Last Sons’ from The Last Sons published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

For whom the bell tolls
April 1881

Based on ‘Death Knell’ from The Sixth Gun RPG published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

Early April 1881

Having recovered from their fight against Barron’s cultists, the posse returned to Denver, and were asked by the Pinkertons to deal with the reason for the lock down. The Pinkertons arranged for auto-gyro transport for the group and dropped them onto a moving train that had been hijacked. Aboard the train, the posse found that the hijackers were led by Mordicai Whateley and that the reason the SRF was in lock down was that Mordicai had kidnapped Andrew Lane, the head of the Western Bureau. With Mordicai defeated, the posse was able to free Lane and return him to the SRF.

Locations Visited
Denver, Colorado

Important NPC’s
Andrew Lane
Coot Jenkins
Mordicai Whateley
US Marshal William Hamilton

Important Events
• On the journey back to Denver, the posse met US Marshal William Hamilton. He explained that he was the last surviving member of the US Marshal team tasked with bringing Colt McCoy to justice, the rest having been killed by Colt and his followers, a group of Tonkawa scouts. Walks-in-Two-Worlds quickly explained the case of mistaken identity, and the posse teamed up with Hamilton to assault a hidden lodge in the nearby mountains. Colt’s followers all showed signs of having been possessed by the Eternal Warrior, and the posse speculated that Colt may have made the deal that Walks had refused.
• The Pinkertons confirmed that they did receive an ancient tomahawk from Pederson and Wallace, and agreed to give it to the posse if they could help bring back the cargo of a hijacked train. The cargo turned out to be Andrew Lane, aka Abraham Lincoln, who had been kidnapped by Whateley’s men and sealed within a wooden box. When the posse opened the box, Lane revived but started screaming and thrashing against his bonds. Coot produced a dark liquid which he gave to Lane, calming him down enough to allow the posse to explain why they were there. Their mission complete, the posse returned to the SRF and were given the tomahawk, which Walks confirmed had once belonged to Jordrava.
• Lane explained to the posse he was aware of their mission to stop the Ravenites, and suggested they look for their enemies at Adobe Walls. He had heard rumours that the stories of ghosts killing white men in the nearby area was actually the work of Ravenites hiding within the ghost town.

Based on ‘The Ghost Returns’ from The Last Sons published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

All that shimmers ain't silver...
March 1881

Returning to Denver in search of Jordrava’s tomahawk, the posse found the Pinkerton’s SRF facility under lockdown. Unable to pursue their leads further, the posse agreed to take on a mission to recover a missing mad science gizmo. Belonging to Dr Pervis, a scientist based out of nearby Boulder, the device enabled the user to locate silver ore buried underground. The posse’s investigation took them to Aspen where they learned that the gadget was but a prelude to a much bigger risk.

Locations Visited
Denver, Colorado
Boulder, Colorado
Aspen, Colorado

Important NPC’s
Dr Pervis
Murray Barron
Lucas Treadwell
Irving Buckland

Important Events
• Dr Pervis explained that he had gone for his usual evening walk around the town, and the burglary took place while he was out. He explained that both the prototype of his device, and the blueprints had been stolen. Dr Pervis mentioned that the only other person who knew of the invention was the person funding the device, Irving Buckland, a businessman based in Denver. He also mentioned a run-in with a stranger at the saloon, a person later identified as Murray Barron, and the posse believed he had served as a distraction to keep Pervis away from home for longer that evening.
• The posse talked to Buckland about the device, and soon realised that Murray Barron used to work for Buckland before stealing the petty cash and details of mines in Aspen. Buckland explained that he had already hired the Pinkertons to track Barron down, and the posse learned that the Pinkerton charged with this task was Lucas Treadwell.
• Arriving in Aspen, the posse found that Treadwell had been killed by a local miner named Roger Ryan. The posse attempted to learn why Ryan had killed Treadwell, and it was clear he had been coerced into doing it. As Barron had been seen in town talking to Ryan, the posse speculated that Barron, or someone with him, had access to powerful magic. Before they could leave the jail however, they were attacked by a group of demonic hounds sent to kill them. The posse managed to escape, but not before the sheriff’s office was burned to the ground.
• The posse managed to find a ritual site where the demonic hounds had been created, and followed tracks into the mountains. Surviving an ambush by the Henderson Gang, the posse found the prototype device outside a silver mine and entered in search of Barron. As they descended into the mine, the posse heard chanting, and arrived in time to witness Barron and his colleagues performing a ritual in front of a gigantic wall of silver. The posse attempted to disrupt the ritual but soon realised they were too late; the silver wall began to ripple, and a large demonic hand reached out to claim the sacrifices offered by Barron. With most of the posse down, James was forced to used his dynamite to set off an explosion; it succeeded in destroying the silver wall, preventing the demon from passing through the portal. With the tunnels caving in, James carried who he could out to safety; Jeb called upon divine intervention to help him and the other members of the posse escape.

Based on ‘All That Shimmers…’ by Dylan Craig.

Under the Boneyard
Early February 1881

The posse began their search for Jordrava’s medicine rock but soon learned that the Ravenites were also looking for the relic. With the help of the Texas Rangers the posse defeated the Ravenites and located the stone in the ghoul tunnels beneath Dodge City.

Locations Visited
Dodge City, Kansas

Important NPC’s
Major William ‘Bigfoot’ Wallace
Mr Pederson

Important Events
• Searching the town for any information on Native American burial grounds, the posse learned that some arrowheads had been found at Boothill. The posse headed out to the graveyard but fell foul of a group of bandits trying to take advantage of Dodge’s strict no-gun laws. However, a greater threat appeared when a Buffalo-man arrived. The undead creature began attack the posse and the bandits, stopping only to eat the flesh of the fallen. Fortunately for the posse, Ranger Wallace and Mister Pedersen arrived and help them kill their enemies.
• Wallace explained that there were a group of Ravenites in the vicinity that were looking for something in the graveyard. The posse speculated that they were also searching for the medicine rock and agreed to help Wallace bring the a Ravenites to justice. Locating the Ravenites in the basement of a local slaughterhouse, the posse initially attempted to sneak in to confront them, but this plan soon failed and the posse were forced to storm the basement. Coming out victorious, the posse found a map of Boothill indicating where the Ravenites were searching.
• Using the Ravenite’s map, the posse began searching Boothill. The map indicated they were exploring a tomb belonging to the Gerard family, and the posse soon found a hole leading to tunnels beneath Dodge City. While exploring these cramped tunnels, the posse were attacked by flesh eating ghouls and had to contend with flooded tunnels before facing a massively bloated ghoul seemingly in charge of the others. The posse succeeded in killing the creature, and found Jordrava’s medicine rock amongst the various trinkets stolen from the nearby graves.
• Meeting back up with Wallace and Pedersen, the posse asked about Jordrava’s tomahawk, and were told of a recently captured Ravenite who had a tomahawk matching the description given. The Ravenite had escaped, but Wallace and Pedersen managed to hold onto the tomahawk, sending it to the Nevada Land Basin Office, a cover for the Pinkerton’s SRF. Initially confused as to why the Texas Rangers would send the tomahawk to the Pinkertons, the posse later learned that Pedersen was actually a Pinkerton working with Wallace to fight their mutual enemies.

Based on ‘Prime Cuts’ from The Last Sons published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

The Titan Unbound!
Mid January 1881

The Pinkertons arranged ‘free’ passage to Dodge City for the posse allowing them to search for Jordrava’s medicine rock, but nothing comes without a price. The train the posse were to board was the Hellstromme Express which was hosting a group of scientists hoping to impress Hellstromme’s representatives ahead of the annual Kansas Scientific Symposium. The Pinkertons arranged for the posse to masquerade as bodyguards for Elijah Bailey in the hope they would be able to obtain samples of some of the scientific wonders on display. However when mad science is involved, things seldom go to plan…

Locations Visited
Salina, Kansas
Dodge City, Kansas

Important NPC’s
Elijah Bailey
Harold Dial
Patton Riddle
Judson Conrad
Sir Clyde Cannon
Sylvester Tate
Lottie Galloway

Important Events
• The night before setting off, Sonny and Jeb noticed a group trying to steal crates from the Hellstromme Express. Sonny attempted to deal with the group by himself while Jeb went for help but Sonny soon retreated realising he was no match for a group of that size. When the rest of the posse returned, the crates were gone. Around the same time Bailey asked Edward to apply one of his elixirs to the underside of the train so that it could activate during the journey as part of his demonstration. Edward completed the task, but the elixir left his hands feeling numb for the whole of the next day.
• During the journey, the posse met with the other inventors on the train. Dial’s invention, a robotic gunfighter named MAX drew a lot of attention as its design appeared much smoother and more advanced than those used by Hellstromme. Lottie Galloway displayed a mechanical hat, but no one could determine what it did due to Lottie’s thick Irish accent. Patton Riddle had developed a type of rocket propelled ammunition and promised a demonstration later in the journey. Judson Conrad, a former prisoner of war who learned about mad science while in prison, talked of his invention known as ‘The Meat Grinder’. Sylvester Tate would not reveal what his invention was, but indicated it was a more pacifistic weapon. Sir Clyde Cannon confirmed he had developed a weapon, but was also coy as to its design.
• Bailey announced that the train required more velocity, at which point his elixir took effect. However, it proved too potent, causing the train to accelerate so fast it jumped the rails causing a lot of damage. Dial revealed the second of his inventions in response, an army of mechanical ants that began repairing the damage from the crash.
• That evening, Jeb and Edward noticed Dial’s ants walking across the roof of the train to the baggage car. A quick exploration of the car found that the ants had used acid to burn their way into the crates belonging to Patton Riddle.
• During a stop-over in Salina, the train was attacked by a group of Native Americans who attempted to blow the train up with dynamite. The posse managed to defeat the Indians, and defused the dynamite just in time to prevent the engine being destroyed.
• The next day saw a weapons demonstration from most of the scientists present and each took turns to fire their guns from the roof of the train. The demonstration ended abruptly however when Patton Riddle’s weapon exploded, killing him and nearly knocking the rest of the watchers from the train. Edward recovered the parts of Riddle’s weapon and determined it had been sabotaged.
• Arriving in Dodge City for the Symposium, the posse spent some time examining some of the devices on display. Dial then revealed his greatest invention; a gigantic automaton called ‘The Titan’. In an attempt to guarantee his win, Dial commanded the Titan to kill everyone present. The posse were able to destroy the automaton through the use of the various mad science gadgets and elixir’s present and fled with as many samples they could before Hellstromme’s automatons ‘cleaned up’ the mess.

Based on ‘Murder on the Hellstromme Express’ published by Pinnacle Entertainment.

Where the sane fear to tread...
Early January 1881

Taking advantage of their arrival in New York, the posse visited Bloomingdale’s Asylum to investigate the strange personality shifts of Charles Pearson, and the potential demonic heritage of Mrs Smith’s daughter.

Locations Visited
North Island Sanatorium, New York

Important NPC’s
Alan Harding
Charles Johnson
Leonard Hawkins

Important Events
• Mrs Smith was informed her daughter had been transferred to Bloomingdales’ North Island facility, based on a small island in the Hudson River. When the posse arrived, they found many of the inmates had been released from their cells, and the staff had been killed in a variety of brutal ways.
o The head of the Asylum was found in his office, killed as part of some sort of ritual. A search through the doctor’s files revealed they had been experimenting with past-life regression; one of the patients, known only as Darlene, displayed 27 different personalities from different time periods. One personality of interest was an Egyptian priestess named Anaphis; Anaphis talked of a time when powerful demons attacked Egypt and how they were driven into the sea by mystical carved steles.
o The experiments carried out on Alan Harding had different results; Alan’s only displayed one change of personality, displaying changed facial expressions and a much deeper voice. Alan did not ask any questions of the doctors, only watching what they did or occasionally talking of “Those who wait.”
o It soon became apparent that Charles Johnson, one of the orderlies, was responsible for the staff deaths, and had used a ritual to summon the ancient demon. The posse tracked him to an old lighthouse, but not before he had killed the island’s ferry captain, and a visiting bird watcher.
o After defeating Johnson, the posse found the demonic entity hiding in the upper chamber of the lighthouse. Having read that these demons had been driven back by mystical stones, the posse used a golden talisman found on a nearby wrecked boat to force the creature out of hiding. The text they found also indicated that salt water could kill the creature and, when it sought prey at the Asylum, the posse were ready for it and managed to kill it before it could claim any more lives.
o While investigating the murders of the Asylum staff, the posse learned that on the day Charles Pearson was discharged a further six names appeared on the log. However, the files for all seven patients were missing so it is unclear what happened to the individuals. Charles, now calling himself Edward Cullen was able to confirm one of the rooms in the basement was the room from his Hunting Grounds vision.
o Mrs Smith’s daughter was not found at the Asylum; speaking with other patients it was determined that a group of priests had turned up and taken her away and later investigations in New York determined they had headed towards Ohio. Of note, the posse did find a mad science moving picture of Mrs Smith’s daughter in her files at the Asylum that indicated she believed herself possessed by a demon.

Based on ‘The Sanatorium’ from Mansions of Madness published by Chaosium.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light
Early January 1881

Finding themselves returned to unfamiliar surroundings, the posse soon learned Jordrava’s portal had opened in upstate New York, near the town of Saratoga Springs. Inhospitable weather, a soul-devouring creature, and a cannibal cult all conspired to delay the posse’s attempts to return to their goal of finding Jordrava’s medicine rock.

Locations Visited
A Pony Express depot near Saratoga Springs
New York, New York

Important NPC’s
Emilia Webb
“Black Jack” Ryan
Thomas “Tommy” Hawk
Dr Bell
Dr Morrison
Abner Crumpler
Jasper Edgar Ellazar
Edith Bell

Important Events
• Arriving in a torrential storm, the posse took shelter at a nearby Pony Express depot. On the way there, they found a young woman suffering from exposure and a serious head wound. Identified as Emilia Webb, the locals worried for the safety of her grandfather, Professor Webb, after it was revealed two local ruffians had headed to his house looking for valuables.
o The posse went to investigate Professor Webb’s house and found the aftermath of a botched robbery. They found the professor dead of an apparent heart attack and, more disturbingly, one of the ruffians dead, his lower half burnt to ashes. A metal coffer lay opened on the floor, and the posse found evidence it had contained a “Sin-eater”, a creature employed to destroy family members born with unnatural natures.
o Returning to the pony express, the posse learned that the Sin-eater had attacked the group there, killing several of them. The posse summoned the creature using the ritual in Professor Webb’s journal with Emilia as bait, and attempted to kill it before it could devour her soul. Unfortunately the creature proved too powerful, and it claimed Emilia before anything could be done to stop it. Its hunger sated, the creature returned to the coffer, and the posse sealed it away once more. Jeb buried the box in the forest where it was hoped it would not be seen again.
o During their stay at the Pony Express, the posse met “Black Jack” Ryan, a bandit held captive by local law man Thomas Hawk. The rest of “Black Jack’s” gang turned up with Thomas’ partner held at gunpoint, and the posse were forced to hand over the criminal to ensure no one was hurt.
• With the Sin-Eater contained, and the storm abated, the posse headed off towards New York. However, they soon stumbled upon the body of a dead woman in the road. Displaying obvious signs of being held captive and torture, the posse followed her trail back to a small shack built from the remnants of a burned mansion house. Inside they found evidence that a cannibal had held the woman, with some clues as to his identity.
o A set of expensive luggage was found at the shack, and the posse tracked the owner, Jasper Edgar Ellazar, to a local funeral home. While no direct connection to the murder could be found, Ellazar was later revealed to be a recent addition to the cult responsible for the killings.
o The posse found a medical equipment bag labelled as belonging to St Mary’s Teaching Hospital. The staff there proved helpful, and offered to help the posse in their investigation; however, both Dr Bell and Dr Morrison recognised Walks-in-Two-Worlds and, in private, revealed that they were part of a cannibal cult that Walks’ doppleganger was involved with. Walks infiltrated the cult and learned that Colt McCoy had gone on a pilgrimage in search of a cure for his injured legs. They believed he had gone in search of his mother’s tribe of native Americans.
o The rest of the posse, unsure as to Walks’ location, broke into Dr Bell’s house not realising that the cult was meeting within. A fight ensued between the cannibals and the posse, with their trust in Walks being crucial to the posse’s success. The posse killed, or at least slowed down the cannibals long enough to escape with Dr Morrison, and took him for questioning. Morrison revealed more of Colt McCoy’s involvement with the cult and how they had all been recruited by Abner Crumpler, the former owner of the burned mansion house.
o Edith Bell, Dr Bell’s daughter, demonstrated tremendous strength, alleged to be an effect of the cult’s cannibalism. However, she also proved resistant to death, with even a knife plunged into her head proving incapable of killing her. It was unclear if Dr Bell had similar abilities as the posse were forced to flee the scene to avoid a confrontation with the police.

Based on ‘Dead Light’ published by Chaosium and ‘The Consumed’ from Island of Ignorance published by Chaosium.

“Do not go gentle into that good night” by Dylan Thomas (1914 – 1953)

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Visions of the future, visions of the past...
September 2081? Or September 1861? Or December 1880?

Stepping through the portal, the posse found themselves within the Hunting Grounds. However, the strange twisting of reality common to the spirit world resulted in the posse seeing visions of a potential future, and their very real past.

Locations Visited
The Hunting Grounds

Important NPC’s
The Watcher in the Darkness
President Andrew Bates
Sir Montague Bertram Ignatius Farlington

Important Events
• Immediately after stepping through the portal, the posse found themselves in a blasted wasteland near a strange auto-gyro. A dying Southern soldier identified himself as Francis Martin Teller, and explained it was the year 2081. The soldiers with him had intended to raid a nearby bunker to prevent devices called “Ghost Rock Nukes” being launched. Unable to locate Jordrava, the posse decided to try and complete the soldier’s mission. Assaulting the base, the posse came under fire from an undead soldier who had replaced most of his body with metallic parts. Through the use of dynamite and heavy weaponry, the posse succeeded in downing the soldier, but not before Jeb had died. The posse continued further into the complex, but further attacks left only Sonny standing. He managed to reach the control centre where he encountered the President, Andrew “A-Bomb Andy” Bates, who revealed himself to be one of the same race of shapechangers who had replaced President Jefferson Davis in the past. Sonny managed to defeat the creature but was unable to prevent the Ghost Rock Nukes from launching, starting a global war.

• As nuclear fire consumed the bunker, the posse awoke to find themselves in a desert, uninjured by their visions of the future. A short distance away they found a small town and learned they were having trouble with a group of bandits. The posse drew plans to fortify the town, and organised the townsfolk to form a militia and awaited the bandit’s arrival. Their plans were successful, but the scene quickly shifted to that of the town of Osceola, and the posse realised they were fighting alongside the Kansas Redlegs slaughtering the townsfolk. Walks-in-Two-Worlds and Sonny both encountered the spirits of their loved ones; Don McCoy forgave his adopted son for killing him, and encouraged him not to seek revenge on those who had wronged him; Sonny’s wife Sally revealed that they had a daughter named Alice who may have survived the massacre of Osceola. Walks-in-Two-Worlds also encountered a spirit raven called Askuwheteau, the Watcher in the Darkness, who explained he was his Guardian Spirit. He agreed to lead the posse to Jordrava and provided advice to help them navigate through the Hunting Grounds.

• In their search for Jordrava, the posse arrived at the Cathedral of Pines, a sacred location within the Hunting Grounds able to show someone their past or future. Each member of the posse looked into the pool at the centre of the grove of trees and saw a vision:

Martha: A vision of the Confederate camp the night before Gettysburg. Martha encountered Nate and embraced her husband before they enjoyed each other’s company one last time. However, Mr Smith’s blackened eyes and altered shadow revealed him to be some sort of demonic creature. Mrs Smith indicated this event had happened, if not with a demonic Nate, and she had later found herself with child.

Sonny: There was a brief vision of a saloon before the pool clouded with darkness.

Jeb: A vision of the man who raised him, The Bear, and a group of hooded men standing around a raging bonfire. The robed men chanted in a strange language and it appeared as if they were initiating The Bear into their group.

Walks-in-Two-Worlds: A vision of Don McCoy fighting the Kansas Redlegs. One of the dead soldiers rose from the grave, possessed by the Eternal Warrior. He claimed that Walks-in-Two-Worlds was his, and that no one would love him like his mother. Before the vision could end, the Eternal Warrior looked directly at Walks-in-Two-Worlds and screamed that this was not how it was supposed to be and began smashing everything in the room. It was speculated that this referred to Walks-in-Two-World’s training to become a shaman.

Doc Peabody: A vision of the Doc holding a man to a table with tremendous strength. He pulled out a scalpel and began cutting off the other man’s face before placing it over his own, while someone from outside the room beat on the door. Doc Peabody confirmed the room looked like the asylum he had spent time at.

• After a brief encounter with a sentient bridge called Sir Montague Bertram Ignatius Farlington, the posse found Jordrava trapped by a Greater Manitou called Hex. Sonny engaged Hex in a magical battle while the rest of the posse rescued Jordrava and fought off smaller manitou. With Hex defeated, Jordrava was able to regain his strength and explained that the posse needed to find his medicine rock and tomahawk if they hoped to defeat the threats to the Sioux Nations. He also explained that killing Raven would not end the threat, he advised it would be better to undo his evil works and break the relationship between him and War. Healing the posse’s wounds, Jordrava opened a portal allowing them to return home.

Based on ‘Vision Quest’ from The Last Sons published by Pinnacle Entertainment.


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