Something Wicked This Way Comes...

A little fear is a dangerous thing...

Late January 1880

Heading north in search of the Necessity Alliance, the posse stopped off in the town of Eagles’ Point, where they learned a number of children had recently died. Each child had died of suspected heart attacks, likely caused from fear and, speaking with other children in town they learned that Lindsey Turner had recently been suffering from bad dreams. Believing Lindsay may be the next victim, the posse watched over her that night. Nothing happened to Lindsay but the next day another child, Chris Blackley, was found dead. This time the posse noticed a smell of perfume at the scene reminiscent of that worn by the schoolmarm, Elizah. Searching her house, the posse found a list of the dead children with a Shirley Ericson being next. At the Ericson house they found Shirley had been taken and quickly went in search of Elizah. When the posse confronted Elizah, she revealed herself to be some sort of undead creature capable of causing great fear in those that looked at her. Walks-in-Two-Worlds proved mostly immune to this power and was able to land a killing blow.

Locations Visited
Eagle’s Point, California

Important NPC’s
Elizah Markley
Ralph Blake
Lindsey Turner

Important Events
• Following the death of Elizah, the posse returned to the town to find that the Marshal had committed suicide. A further search of Elizah’s house revealed what had happened: Elizah had been killed several weeks earlier by a horse thief and thrown into a nearby canyon. Later, she had returned as one of the undead and had magically controlled Marshal Blake, her former lover, into helping kill the children. With her control broken, Blake recalled the acts he had allowed to happen and presumable committed suicide from the guilt he felt.

Based on ‘Suffer the Children’ published by Pinnacle Entertainment.


Galrick Galrick

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