Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Where the sane fear to tread...

Early January 1881

Taking advantage of their arrival in New York, the posse visited Bloomingdale’s Asylum to investigate the strange personality shifts of Charles Pearson, and the potential demonic heritage of Mrs Smith’s daughter.

Locations Visited
North Island Sanatorium, New York

Important NPC’s
Alan Harding
Charles Johnson
Leonard Hawkins

Important Events
• Mrs Smith was informed her daughter had been transferred to Bloomingdales’ North Island facility, based on a small island in the Hudson River. When the posse arrived, they found many of the inmates had been released from their cells, and the staff had been killed in a variety of brutal ways.
o The head of the Asylum was found in his office, killed as part of some sort of ritual. A search through the doctor’s files revealed they had been experimenting with past-life regression; one of the patients, known only as Darlene, displayed 27 different personalities from different time periods. One personality of interest was an Egyptian priestess named Anaphis; Anaphis talked of a time when powerful demons attacked Egypt and how they were driven into the sea by mystical carved steles.
o The experiments carried out on Alan Harding had different results; Alan’s only displayed one change of personality, displaying changed facial expressions and a much deeper voice. Alan did not ask any questions of the doctors, only watching what they did or occasionally talking of “Those who wait.”
o It soon became apparent that Charles Johnson, one of the orderlies, was responsible for the staff deaths, and had used a ritual to summon the ancient demon. The posse tracked him to an old lighthouse, but not before he had killed the island’s ferry captain, and a visiting bird watcher.
o After defeating Johnson, the posse found the demonic entity hiding in the upper chamber of the lighthouse. Having read that these demons had been driven back by mystical stones, the posse used a golden talisman found on a nearby wrecked boat to force the creature out of hiding. The text they found also indicated that salt water could kill the creature and, when it sought prey at the Asylum, the posse were ready for it and managed to kill it before it could claim any more lives.
o While investigating the murders of the Asylum staff, the posse learned that on the day Charles Pearson was discharged a further six names appeared on the log. However, the files for all seven patients were missing so it is unclear what happened to the individuals. Charles, now calling himself Edward Cullen was able to confirm one of the rooms in the basement was the room from his Hunting Grounds vision.
o Mrs Smith’s daughter was not found at the Asylum; speaking with other patients it was determined that a group of priests had turned up and taken her away and later investigations in New York determined they had headed towards Ohio. Of note, the posse did find a mad science moving picture of Mrs Smith’s daughter in her files at the Asylum that indicated she believed herself possessed by a demon.

Based on ‘The Sanatorium’ from Mansions of Madness published by Chaosium.


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