Something Wicked This Way Comes...

The Titan Unbound!

Mid January 1881

The Pinkertons arranged ‘free’ passage to Dodge City for the posse allowing them to search for Jordrava’s medicine rock, but nothing comes without a price. The train the posse were to board was the Hellstromme Express which was hosting a group of scientists hoping to impress Hellstromme’s representatives ahead of the annual Kansas Scientific Symposium. The Pinkertons arranged for the posse to masquerade as bodyguards for Elijah Bailey in the hope they would be able to obtain samples of some of the scientific wonders on display. However when mad science is involved, things seldom go to plan…

Locations Visited
Salina, Kansas
Dodge City, Kansas

Important NPC’s
Elijah Bailey
Harold Dial
Patton Riddle
Judson Conrad
Sir Clyde Cannon
Sylvester Tate
Lottie Galloway

Important Events
• The night before setting off, Sonny and Jeb noticed a group trying to steal crates from the Hellstromme Express. Sonny attempted to deal with the group by himself while Jeb went for help but Sonny soon retreated realising he was no match for a group of that size. When the rest of the posse returned, the crates were gone. Around the same time Bailey asked Edward to apply one of his elixirs to the underside of the train so that it could activate during the journey as part of his demonstration. Edward completed the task, but the elixir left his hands feeling numb for the whole of the next day.
• During the journey, the posse met with the other inventors on the train. Dial’s invention, a robotic gunfighter named MAX drew a lot of attention as its design appeared much smoother and more advanced than those used by Hellstromme. Lottie Galloway displayed a mechanical hat, but no one could determine what it did due to Lottie’s thick Irish accent. Patton Riddle had developed a type of rocket propelled ammunition and promised a demonstration later in the journey. Judson Conrad, a former prisoner of war who learned about mad science while in prison, talked of his invention known as ‘The Meat Grinder’. Sylvester Tate would not reveal what his invention was, but indicated it was a more pacifistic weapon. Sir Clyde Cannon confirmed he had developed a weapon, but was also coy as to its design.
• Bailey announced that the train required more velocity, at which point his elixir took effect. However, it proved too potent, causing the train to accelerate so fast it jumped the rails causing a lot of damage. Dial revealed the second of his inventions in response, an army of mechanical ants that began repairing the damage from the crash.
• That evening, Jeb and Edward noticed Dial’s ants walking across the roof of the train to the baggage car. A quick exploration of the car found that the ants had used acid to burn their way into the crates belonging to Patton Riddle.
• During a stop-over in Salina, the train was attacked by a group of Native Americans who attempted to blow the train up with dynamite. The posse managed to defeat the Indians, and defused the dynamite just in time to prevent the engine being destroyed.
• The next day saw a weapons demonstration from most of the scientists present and each took turns to fire their guns from the roof of the train. The demonstration ended abruptly however when Patton Riddle’s weapon exploded, killing him and nearly knocking the rest of the watchers from the train. Edward recovered the parts of Riddle’s weapon and determined it had been sabotaged.
• Arriving in Dodge City for the Symposium, the posse spent some time examining some of the devices on display. Dial then revealed his greatest invention; a gigantic automaton called ‘The Titan’. In an attempt to guarantee his win, Dial commanded the Titan to kill everyone present. The posse were able to destroy the automaton through the use of the various mad science gadgets and elixir’s present and fled with as many samples they could before Hellstromme’s automatons ‘cleaned up’ the mess.

Based on ‘Murder on the Hellstromme Express’ published by Pinnacle Entertainment.


Galrick Galrick

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