Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Under the Boneyard

Early February 1881

The posse began their search for Jordrava’s medicine rock but soon learned that the Ravenites were also looking for the relic. With the help of the Texas Rangers the posse defeated the Ravenites and located the stone in the ghoul tunnels beneath Dodge City.

Locations Visited
Dodge City, Kansas

Important NPC’s
Major William ‘Bigfoot’ Wallace
Mr Pederson

Important Events
• Searching the town for any information on Native American burial grounds, the posse learned that some arrowheads had been found at Boothill. The posse headed out to the graveyard but fell foul of a group of bandits trying to take advantage of Dodge’s strict no-gun laws. However, a greater threat appeared when a Buffalo-man arrived. The undead creature began attack the posse and the bandits, stopping only to eat the flesh of the fallen. Fortunately for the posse, Ranger Wallace and Mister Pedersen arrived and help them kill their enemies.
• Wallace explained that there were a group of Ravenites in the vicinity that were looking for something in the graveyard. The posse speculated that they were also searching for the medicine rock and agreed to help Wallace bring the a Ravenites to justice. Locating the Ravenites in the basement of a local slaughterhouse, the posse initially attempted to sneak in to confront them, but this plan soon failed and the posse were forced to storm the basement. Coming out victorious, the posse found a map of Boothill indicating where the Ravenites were searching.
• Using the Ravenite’s map, the posse began searching Boothill. The map indicated they were exploring a tomb belonging to the Gerard family, and the posse soon found a hole leading to tunnels beneath Dodge City. While exploring these cramped tunnels, the posse were attacked by flesh eating ghouls and had to contend with flooded tunnels before facing a massively bloated ghoul seemingly in charge of the others. The posse succeeded in killing the creature, and found Jordrava’s medicine rock amongst the various trinkets stolen from the nearby graves.
• Meeting back up with Wallace and Pedersen, the posse asked about Jordrava’s tomahawk, and were told of a recently captured Ravenite who had a tomahawk matching the description given. The Ravenite had escaped, but Wallace and Pedersen managed to hold onto the tomahawk, sending it to the Nevada Land Basin Office, a cover for the Pinkerton’s SRF. Initially confused as to why the Texas Rangers would send the tomahawk to the Pinkertons, the posse later learned that Pedersen was actually a Pinkerton working with Wallace to fight their mutual enemies.

Based on ‘Prime Cuts’ from The Last Sons published by Pinnacle Entertainment.


Galrick Galrick

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