Something Wicked This Way Comes...

All that shimmers ain't silver...

March 1881

Returning to Denver in search of Jordrava’s tomahawk, the posse found the Pinkerton’s SRF facility under lockdown. Unable to pursue their leads further, the posse agreed to take on a mission to recover a missing mad science gizmo. Belonging to Dr Pervis, a scientist based out of nearby Boulder, the device enabled the user to locate silver ore buried underground. The posse’s investigation took them to Aspen where they learned that the gadget was but a prelude to a much bigger risk.

Locations Visited
Denver, Colorado
Boulder, Colorado
Aspen, Colorado

Important NPC’s
Dr Pervis
Murray Barron
Lucas Treadwell
Irving Buckland

Important Events
• Dr Pervis explained that he had gone for his usual evening walk around the town, and the burglary took place while he was out. He explained that both the prototype of his device, and the blueprints had been stolen. Dr Pervis mentioned that the only other person who knew of the invention was the person funding the device, Irving Buckland, a businessman based in Denver. He also mentioned a run-in with a stranger at the saloon, a person later identified as Murray Barron, and the posse believed he had served as a distraction to keep Pervis away from home for longer that evening.
• The posse talked to Buckland about the device, and soon realised that Murray Barron used to work for Buckland before stealing the petty cash and details of mines in Aspen. Buckland explained that he had already hired the Pinkertons to track Barron down, and the posse learned that the Pinkerton charged with this task was Lucas Treadwell.
• Arriving in Aspen, the posse found that Treadwell had been killed by a local miner named Roger Ryan. The posse attempted to learn why Ryan had killed Treadwell, and it was clear he had been coerced into doing it. As Barron had been seen in town talking to Ryan, the posse speculated that Barron, or someone with him, had access to powerful magic. Before they could leave the jail however, they were attacked by a group of demonic hounds sent to kill them. The posse managed to escape, but not before the sheriff’s office was burned to the ground.
• The posse managed to find a ritual site where the demonic hounds had been created, and followed tracks into the mountains. Surviving an ambush by the Henderson Gang, the posse found the prototype device outside a silver mine and entered in search of Barron. As they descended into the mine, the posse heard chanting, and arrived in time to witness Barron and his colleagues performing a ritual in front of a gigantic wall of silver. The posse attempted to disrupt the ritual but soon realised they were too late; the silver wall began to ripple, and a large demonic hand reached out to claim the sacrifices offered by Barron. With most of the posse down, James was forced to used his dynamite to set off an explosion; it succeeded in destroying the silver wall, preventing the demon from passing through the portal. With the tunnels caving in, James carried who he could out to safety; Jeb called upon divine intervention to help him and the other members of the posse escape.

Based on ‘All That Shimmers…’ by Dylan Craig.


Galrick Galrick

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