Something Wicked This Way Comes...


Early April 1881

Having recovered from their fight against Barron’s cultists, the posse returned to Denver, and were asked by the Pinkertons to deal with the reason for the lock down. The Pinkertons arranged for auto-gyro transport for the group and dropped them onto a moving train that had been hijacked. Aboard the train, the posse found that the hijackers were led by Mordicai Whateley and that the reason the SRF was in lock down was that Mordicai had kidnapped Andrew Lane, the head of the Western Bureau. With Mordicai defeated, the posse was able to free Lane and return him to the SRF.

Locations Visited
Denver, Colorado

Important NPC’s
Andrew Lane
Coot Jenkins
Mordicai Whateley
US Marshal William Hamilton

Important Events
• On the journey back to Denver, the posse met US Marshal William Hamilton. He explained that he was the last surviving member of the US Marshal team tasked with bringing Colt McCoy to justice, the rest having been killed by Colt and his followers, a group of Tonkawa scouts. Walks-in-Two-Worlds quickly explained the case of mistaken identity, and the posse teamed up with Hamilton to assault a hidden lodge in the nearby mountains. Colt’s followers all showed signs of having been possessed by the Eternal Warrior, and the posse speculated that Colt may have made the deal that Walks had refused.
• The Pinkertons confirmed that they did receive an ancient tomahawk from Pederson and Wallace, and agreed to give it to the posse if they could help bring back the cargo of a hijacked train. The cargo turned out to be Andrew Lane, aka Abraham Lincoln, who had been kidnapped by Whateley’s men and sealed within a wooden box. When the posse opened the box, Lane revived but started screaming and thrashing against his bonds. Coot produced a dark liquid which he gave to Lane, calming him down enough to allow the posse to explain why they were there. Their mission complete, the posse returned to the SRF and were given the tomahawk, which Walks confirmed had once belonged to Jordrava.
• Lane explained to the posse he was aware of their mission to stop the Ravenites, and suggested they look for their enemies at Adobe Walls. He had heard rumours that the stories of ghosts killing white men in the nearby area was actually the work of Ravenites hiding within the ghost town.

Based on ‘The Ghost Returns’ from The Last Sons published by Pinnacle Entertainment.


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